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BRTS Indore Dec 2014

Report on Expert Talk: BRTS project
Date : 22/12/14             Time:  2:30-4:30 pm
To churn out  the best quality humanware  that befits the industry, academia need to centrifuge with industry. Academia establishes theories, Industry propagates practices. To  ingrain  sound theory and   contemporary practices in the students , education  can not be restricted to  the four walls of classroom. Either students go to the industry or the industry comes to the students. At Acropolis we practice both in the form of industrial visits and expert talk.
In order to connect  the theories  with the practices  of Project Management an   expert talk had been organized by Acropolis Faculty of Management  and Research, Indore  on  the much avowed BRTS  project of Indore. The resource person for this talk was Mr. Rahul Shrouti, technical manager of AICTSL, Indore. He along with his team of four, presented , explained and discussed the BRTS project with our students  over a discourse  session of two hours.  The students glossed over the  BRTS actual sight views, data sheets and technical diagrams on PPT which helped them in actually visualizing and construing BRTS system from project perspective.
 Mr. Rahul Shrouti emphasized the unique features of this project along with the benefits it   brings to the locales of Indore. The rationale of the BRTS project, its feasibility in the Indore city,  along with the exorbitant  financials & technicals  involved was highlighted by him to underscore the need of financial feasibility  and technical  viability of the project. He explained  on the packaging, positioning  and branding of the BRTS project for enhancing its marketability, hereby asserting the importance of marketability of project. He also  discussed the operational details of BRTS system, the manpower involved, check points, boarding stations, routing plan, scheduling, costing  and the IT based tracking system etc.  Another important feature that lends itself to the uniqueness of the project is the ecofriendly attribute of the transportation vehicles, thus accruing to the social contribution of the project.
Other than the project analysis of BRTS, the speaker also discussed about the challenges and difficulties faced in the various phases of the project. The BRTS project is altogether a new project for the denizens of Indore and it needs a change in the mind set of the people to completely accept it. The success of BRTS requires road discipline and transportation etiquettes to be followed by the inhabitants.  The session was winded up after stimulating question answer session. The students will also be taken to the field trip of  the BRTS  project to see  it ‘LIVE’. The expert talk was organized by Prof Juhi Kamakoty, Area Chair (Operations) and Faculty (Project Management).

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