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Budget Talk May 2013

How can India get back its growth rate of 8%
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India has got challenges as well as opportunities to excel in terms of economic prosperity at large. The government has to work seriously upon reforms and governance to get back the growth rate of 8 percent. There is a need to have strong determination from the Government for boosting the growth rate. All the sectors should be given core focus for inclusive growth.
These were the statements of the guests during the Budget Talk and students’ presentation competition on how can India get back its growth rate of 8 percent organized by Acropolis Faculty of Management & Research Indore on 10 May. The judges of students’ presentation competition were Dr.Manminder Singh and Dr.ManasranjanDashmishra. There were participants from reputed business schools like- IMS- DAVV, IPS Academy, Medicaps and Sanghvi Institute of Mangement& Science, who presented their views with zeal. The winner was from IMS and runner from IPS Academy. The director of the institution Dr. Sumer Singh in his inaugural speech highlighted his views on the importance of Union Budget for all. He said that such platforms are necessary for knowledge sharing.
The second phase of the event was Budget Talk, where experts from various sectors have given useful insights into the subject matter.  The experts were CA Manish Dafria, Dr.Manminder Singh, Dr.KamleshBhandari and Dr.JayantiLalBhandari. Mr.Dafria emphasized on the issue of broadening of the tax base as states in the Union Budget. He helped the audience understand the impact of this reform on the taxable income of the common man. Dr.Manminder Singh said that the Union Budget reflects the economic skeleton of the country. He elaborated the salient provisions of the Union Budget and explained various policies of the Government related to fiscal and monetary aspects. Dr.KamleshBhandari highlighted the economic and political issues related to Union Budget and said that it can be used in favourable manner to uplift the growth rate of India. Dr.JayantilalBhandari has helped understand the complexities of the Union Budget with respect to all the sectors of the economy. He emphasized the importance of Union Budget towards inclusive growth of the nation.
The event was anchored by MBA students AdwitaChoubey and Shubhnay Jain and convener of the event Dr.AnshuJaisinghani proposed vote of thanks.

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