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CASE WRITING WORKSHOP – May 06th to 10th , 2019

Name of Event               –  CASE WRITING WORKSHOP

Trainer’s  Name          –  Dr. Charul Jain

Dates of Event               –  May 06th to 10th , 2019

Place of Event               –  AFMR TATA Hall

Duration                     –  12:00 Noon  –  2:30 PM

Objective of Event        –  To lean and develop a teaching case.

Outcome                       – 4 full length teaching cases developed and ready for publication.

Details of Participants-  11 AFMR

Highlights:  The Training Cell of CDC department organized a 5 days workshop for AFMR faculty on “CASE WRITING”. Total 11 AFMR faculty members participated in the workshop.

These participants worked in 4 teams according to their teaching domains. They have successfully developed total 4 cases as an achievement for the workshop. These developed cases are ready to teach and publish.

These cases are useful in their teaching and research field as well.

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