CE Facilities

CE Facilities
Consultancy (Material Testing): A material testing lab has been developed. The lab is Equipped with all necessary testing machines including UTM,CTM,CBR and Impact Testing Machines etc. The department specializes in highway material testing and in concrete mix-design for various structures as per the quality of available materials.


Salient Features of the Department :- 
The major strength of the dept. is due to its multidimensional activities like testing, consultancy, organising state-of-art seminars, workshops, short term courses etc.. The dept. is equipped with its own Computer Center for Research and Development, teaching, training and consultancy.
The department has developed many laboratories with modern facilities under various schemes of Govt.of India,viz.,Network Scheme, Modernization Scheme And Emerging Area of Technology. Various Laboratories with Departments are as under:
Environmental Engineering Lab
Fluid Mechanics Lab
Geotechnical Engineering Lab
Material Testing Lab
Structural Engineering Lab
Transportation Engineering Lab
Surveying Lab
Engineering Geology Lab
Basic Civil Engineering Lab
Simulation Lab
Lab :-
Environmental Engineering Laboratory
The Laboratory is designed specifically for environmental engineering research and laboratory experimentation. The space is well equipped for physical, chemical and biological experiments as well as Engineering Test.
Equipment :-
A full range of research equipment used for environmental analysis of water, the laboratory has specialized instruments, including. B.O.D. incubator (automatic) with Digital Controller and accessories for BOD Analysis digital ph meter for ph Analysis, DO(DISOLVE OXYGEN) meter, Turbidity meter, Conductivity meter are some major equipment available in the laboratory for research, testing and consultancy purpose along with experiment by the students.
Lab :-
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Fluid Mechanics laboratory is well equipped with different models as well as experimental setups.
Equipment :-  Pelton Wheel Turbine Test Rig, Reciprocating Pump Test Rig, Centrifugal Pump Test Rig, Hydraulic Ram, working model of different types of weir, Venturimeter and Orifice meter, losses in pipe friction apparatus, pitot tube, reynold’s apparatus, model of Francis Turbine and Kaplan turbine are some major equipment available in the laboratory.
Lab :-
Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
Civil Engineering Department has a well set geotechnical engineering laboratory. Consultancy and testing work is being done.
Equipment :- Equipments e.g. Box shear test, Triaxial test, Plate load test, CBR test, Consolidation test, Relative density, Sieve shaker, Unconfined compressive strength test, Automatic compactor, Standard proctor and modified, proctor test, Permeability test, Swelling pressure test, and Equipments for determination of index properties are the real strength of geotech lab.
Lab :-
Material Testing Laboratory
The facilities available in this laboratory are testing the structural engineering students. properties of various materials like cement, bricks, aggregates, concrete etc. The research and consultancy work is actively carried out in this laboratory such as testing of various types of cement properties, properties of aggregates, mix design of concrete for various grades etc.
Equipment :- The laboratory has the major equipments like Universal Testing Machine, Compression Testing Machine Impact Testing Machine, Permeability Apparatus, and Vibration Table CBR etc.
Lab :-
Structural Engineering Laboratory
Two Hinge Arch Apparatus, Three Hinge Arch Apparatus, Maxwell’s Reciprocal Theorem Apparatus, Deflection of Curved Members Apparatus, Deflection of Simply Supported Beam, Unsymmetrical Bending Apparatus, Behavior of Column Apparatus, Rigid Jointed Apparatus ,  Portal Frame Apparatus. Pin Jointed Truss Apparatus.
Transportation Engineering Laboratory
Transportation Engineering Laboratory is well set and equipped for students as well as for testing and consultancy services.
Equipment :- Los Angeles Abrassion Testing Machine, Bitumen Extractor, Marshal Stability Test Apparatus.
Lab :-
Surveying and Mechanics Laboratory
Surveying lab is well set and Equipped with so many facilities.
Equipment :-
Total Station, GIS, Theodolite (Digital and simple both), Dumpy Level, Prismatic Compass, Bell Crane Apparatus, Simply Supported Beam, Jib Crane Apparatus, Gravesend’s Apparatus and Accessories.
Lab :-
Engineering Geology
Equipment :-
Sample of all the Rocks which have been covered in course. Globes, Chart of rocks and many more facilities.
Lab :-
Basic Civil Engineering
Equipment :-
Theodolite (Digital and simple both), Dumpy Level, Prismatic Compass, Bell Crane Apparatus, Simply Supported Beam, Jib Crane Apparatus, Gravesend’s Apparatus Ranging Rods, Different type of Chains, Fly Wheel Apparatus and Accessories.
Lab :-
Simulation Lab is well set and having more than 30 computers for Student. All Civil related software is installed in each system.