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Celebration activity ” World Environment Day on June 05, 2022

1.Academic Year : 2021 – 22
2.Activity in Quarter (I/II/III/IV – As per IIC Calendar): IIIrd Quarter
3.Program Type : Competition of planting a saplings
4.Program Theme : Planting a sapling
5.Start Date : 04/04/2022
6.End Date : 05/04/2022
7.Competion Duration (In mins) : one day
8.Time of the event: 24 hours
9.Number of Students Participants:
10.Number of Faculty participants:
11.Number of External Participants (if any): nil
12.Mode of Session delivery : Online
Objectives: To create awareness in our youth to plant more and more trees to save our
● Benefit in terms of learning/Skill/Knowledge Obtained:
1) Planting a sapling competition on world environment day raise awareness about saving
of environment of our earth .
2) It encourage students for growing plants.

3) The students gives a message to everyone that start changing your habits and make
our world environment friendly.
14. Further,
A planting a sapling competition is for all the students of MBA department of Acropolis Faculty
of Management and Research (AFMR) was organised on 5th June on the occasion of World
Environment day under the aegis of Institution Innovation Council (IIC) .
During this competition students showed their love towards environment by planting saplings for
healthy environment in their house or near by area .They planted a sapling for saving the planet
earth from pollution and other damages.
The students wonderfully completed their task of planting a sapling in various areas through
which we can make our planet a better place to live and also the uniqueness of the planet was
showcased through the varities of plants.
The competition was enjoyed and appreciated by all the students and participated with full
enthusiasm by planting so many trees.
17. Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Shilpi Sukhani.

IMG_20220605_115924 - Alankriti Rathore IMG_20220605_105843 - Krutika Gumaste


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