E-Week inauguration

E-Week inauguration
Indore, February 11, 2013: National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), Innovating for India – E-Week India starting from 09 February – 16 February 2013 has been inaugurated at Acropolis Institute today in the campus. The dignitaries present during the inaugural ceremony were Ms. Marlina Ramchandran (Regional Manager, NEN), Ms. Dhvani Sharma (National General Secretary – Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha & BJP Incharge of Delhi State), Mr. Sumant Chinchvarkar (Secrtary- Yatna Foundation), Dr. Manoj Joshi (Co-Founder, Siesclinic), Mr. Ajay Sarate (Founder & MD, Finjovia Pvt. Ltd.) and Mr. Raghu Pandey (Founder, I-Branch).
Ms. Marlina Ramchandran (Regional Manager, NEN) advised everyone to set a goal which would add more and more entrepreneurs in India and in turn contribute to India’s economic progress.
Ms. Dhvani Sharma (National General Secretary – Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha & BJP Incharge of Delhi State) shared her ideas on innovation and its types. She also cited many live examples of successful entrepreneurs. She said, “One must always aim high. There is something inside everyone and one must never take a back seat from his/her ideas. Everyone has the talent to become an entrepreneur. The family and society must support the young entrepreneurs so that they could move forward with their venture confidently and live their dreams.”
Mr. Sumant Chinchvarkar (Secrtary- Yatna Foundation) defined entrepreneurship as making societies self-sustainable without depending on anyone.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Manoj Joshi (Co-Founder, Siesclinic) said, “Entrepreneurship is all about passion and living the dreams for oneself. Entrepreneurs are game changers. They do something which has not happened before. Ideation is the most important element.”
Mr. Ajay Sarate (Founder & MD, Finjovia Pvt. Ltd.) spoke on Innovating Fund Raising Process and Tools. He focused on financial aspects that an entrepreneur must know. He said, “Investors doesn’t look at how good the idea is rather he looks whether the idea could be executed well by an entrepreneur.”
Mr. Raghu Pandey (Founder, I-Branch) spoke on Technology to innovate. He shared the ways to become an innovator from user. He emphasized on observing skills which an entrepreneur must possess to innovate and have an accelerated growth.
In the welcome address, Prof. Atul N Bharat, Group Director- Career Development Cell, Acropolis Institute announced Entrepreneurship Policy which will be started by the institute in July 2013 wherein a student would be advised, suggested and encouraged to start his venture.
The rock band ‘Seventh Sense’ of visually challenged students from Yatna Foundation also performed during the program. The occasion was marked by the presence of Mr. Ashok Sojatia (Chairman BOG), Dr. MD Agrawal (Director, AITR), Dr. Kamal Bharani (Principal, AITR). The program was coordinated by Prof. Atul N Bharat and Prof. Anupama Modi (Manager, E-cell). Prof. Meeta Baid proposed vote of thanks.
12 Feb 2013_Indore_Patrika (City)_Page 16 Dr_ Manoj Joshi (Co-Founder, Siesclinic) Lightening of Lamp Mr_ Ajay Sarate (Founder & MD, Finjovia Pvt_ Ltd_) Mr_ Raghu Pandey (Founder, I-Branch) Mr_ Sumant Chinchvarkar (Secrtary- Yatna Foundation) Ms_ Marlina Ramchandran (Regional Manager, NEN) Students & Faculties visually challeged students from Yatna Foundation