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Enigma 2010

AITR-FMS management fest ENIGMA2010 a runaway success with huge participation from within and outside the institute
AITR-FMS ENIGMA2010 concluded on a high note on the 7th February 2010. The event was a marvelous display of talent and teamwork while being loads of fun. Spread across two campuses we bring you an account here.

Creativity isn’t limited to a select few. That’s precisely what ENIGMA, held at AITR-FMS, Mangliya square, demonstrated in ample measure. This event unleashed the true potential of originality of young would-be managers coming from various educational institutions. ENIGMA was a runaway success not just because more than Nineteen colleges participated in fiesta, or the students participating in it were pro-active, but also because all the individual events of the Fest ensured that their talent was judged in an unbiased manner. The event was sponsored by Kasliwal Honda, Onus Communication and Pantaloons while media partner wasPatrika and radio partner was Big FM.

The festival included 7 zestful events that includes B2B-The Quiz Competition, Jugal Bandi,Group Dance, Solo Dance, Ad O’ Mania, Heart On The Sleeves ,Flogging The Dead Horse and Reflection-The Fashion Show.

B2B-The Quiz Competition was marked by high levels of thinking on the spot. With teams coming from the IMS and other 12 colleges, this event was a grand success. All the participating students showed a keen bent of mind towards Bollywood, general knowledge and world affairs. CIMC won the first prize while IMS stood runner up.
The pilot event of the ENIGMA was ‘JUGAL BANDI’ which generated a lot of hype and enthusiasm from students. Being true to its name, JUGAL BANDI was a winner through and through. It aimed to provide students with an inviting platform to showcase their talent. Each team consists of a boy and a girl. The game consists of some rounds in which the 1st round was theme round in which each team has to dress in a theme and they have to prove by an act the theme they are in. the second round was a prop dance round and many more .This event was a huge success too as teams from many colleges participated in this event the team from SDBCT won the competition.
Everyone loves to dance. This went to show in the next calling of ENIGMA called ‘Solo competition’. Around 13 teams participated in this event. The participants performed too good that everybody was completely focused and enjoyed this event the most. Even people started dancing in the beats of DJ.

This was followed by the Kandy Floss‘Group Dance Competition’. Consisting of participants from various DAVV colleges, it showed the dancing skills of participants who were no less than professional choreographers. The performances reflected a combination of various dance forms. First prize was won by Malwa College.
ENIGMA ended with prize giving ceremony followed by DJ night.

All in all, ENIGMA displayed a fabulous convergence of talent, skills and enthusiasm from all the participating students and went to show that the youth of today, really, is the true asset for our country.


The highlight of Ad O’ Mania was that each team has to prepare a video of a particular product for a particular segment and they have to present it in front of judges. Team from Venkateshwar college stood first.

Next in line for the ENIGMA was another thrilling extravaganza called ‘Flogging the dead horse’. As interesting as the name suggests, this was a very new concept developed by Associate Professor Sandeep Singh. Imbibing the concepts of Researching, Marketing and selling, it was a big crowd puller. A major attraction in the event was comparing strategies followed by maggi and top ramen. The aim of participants was to show how to relaunch a dead product by using innovative ideas. The final winners were from IPS.

What’s life without fashion, especially when you are a student? Who says college is all about studies? Students set the stage on fire at the corporate walk, another thrilling part of the ENIGMA was Reflection-The Fashion Show.This event consists of 3 rounds viz mythological, desi videshi and ecofriendly.This event was sponsored by Salvage. Team from many colleges participated in this event. Team from SDBCT won the competition .

SDBCT was awarded the best participating institute being winner in 3 of the 7 events.

In and all, ENIGMA was an amazing experience for students and faculty alike and ended with everyone craving for more.

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