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Entrepreneur’s Talk Session on Monday, September 23, 2019

Department: MBA
Event: Entrepreneur’s Talk by Mr. Pawan Virwani Sir
Date of Event: Monday, September 23, 2019
Time of Event: 01:00 pm 02:40 pm
Venue: Central Auditorium, AFMR
Convener/Coordinator: Prof. Snehal Phatak
Audience Profile: 9 faculty members and 274 Students of Sem 1 and Sem III of MBA Department.

The MBA department of Acropolis Faculty of Management and Research (AFMR), Indore hosted an Entrepreneur’s Talk session organised under the aegis of Institution’s Innovation Council (Ministry of Human Resource Development of India) by Mr. Pawan Virwani on September 23, 2019 from 01:00 pm to 02:40 pm. The motive of this talk was to help the student understand the importance of work in Life. In the beginning, he mentioned that if you want to succeed you need to work continuously. He mentioned that everything comes twice in your mind – Thoughts & Actions. He also shared his life journey where he has gone through a financial crisis which made him realize that he has to start with some work, so he started with doing a small job with a concept that no work is small or big. He started his first job with Sun Pharma, there he faced many problems starting with the Interview process but got selected because of his persistence. He also put light on the point that students must work hard, which will definitely give them the real meaning of success. He was also called as the Star Kid of Sun Pharma and therefore he got offer from Cipla, for his great presentation skills convincing power. Finally he succeeded in attracting the corporate world after long. Due to some medical issues, he had to change the job, so he moved to HDFC Standard Life. During the interview process, he got selected and was hired for 6 months probation period. After having a varied experience in Pharmaceutical industry and Insurance domain, he decided to
work for himself and live life at his own terms. He started with manufacturing business but had to close down the business. He learnt that one should always look for the gap in the starting a profitable business. Therefore, since two years he is manufacturing perfumes and is an Industrial supplier to industries producing incense sticks, soaps, detergents and so on. Towards the end, he put light on balancing the personal & professional life, both simultaneously without failure. He said that “what did I achieve if i didn’t balance Professional & personal life”. In his closing remarks, he said that one should not get disheartened by failures, always be optimistic and have a clear mindset and vision in life.
Learning Outcomes:
1. There is no alternative to hard work.
2. No work is small, be ready to do any type of work.
3. Rather than working for a brand why not become a brand oneself
4. Balance your professional and personal life.
5. Identify the gaps/opportunities in the market before starting any business

Report Prepared by:
Masumi Porwal (3rd Sem), IIC Member (AFMR)

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