Entrepreneurship Certification Course with ISOEL

Acropolis Institute starts Entrepreneurship Certification Course with ISOEL
1 week workshop started from today
  • Total 21 days module course will take place every year
  • First module course started from 7th January 2013 for 7 Days in campus
Indore, January 07, 2013: “Not everyone could be famous, but one can make a distinct contribution towards the country. Everyone has the ability to become ambassadors of their country”, this has been transpired by Don Kiehl, a Senior SIMA® Specialist for SIMA® International and one of the instructor of ISOEL during the inaugural ceremony of Entrepreneurship Certification Course by ISOEL (International School of Entrepreneurship & Leadership) organized by Acropolis Institute of Technology & Research (AITR), Indore.
Don further added that, everyone is designed to do something innovative. The world needs good entrepreneurs who are creative and honest. With this course, we believe that Acropolians would become a good leader and entrepreneur in near future.
CEO and instructor of ISOEL, Glenn Reph said that, “What I love about India most, is its, food, culture and most importantly the students who are the leaders of India of the next generation.  There is genius in each one of us, who is bound to create a wonderful world. Through this course we have certified many students from different countries who are living there dream and are successful.”
John Geigert, instructor of ISOEL had thrown light upon the potentiality with which everyone is embedded and which is to be used wisely. He appreciated the Institute for approaching ISOEL and starting the course for the betterment of the students.
T.J. Smith, the fourth instructor of ISOEL, in his address highlighted the need of good and ethical business in the prevailing society. He ensured that the students undergoing the training would inculcate and learn the ability to create a good business.
In the welcome address, Prof. Atul Bharat, Group Director-Career Development Cell, Acropolis Institute briefed about all the four instructors of ISOEL and about the organization.
Worth mentioning, the course will have 21 days module to take place every year. First module course will start with a one week workshop from January, 07, 2013 onwards in the institute. The other two modules would be organized in months of March and May. The Institute has signed an MOU with ISOEL (International School of Entrepreneurship & Leadership). Four ISOEL Instructors will share their knowledge and experiences among the students. The workshop will cover every field – management, pharmacy & technical. The workshop is organized by Prof. Atul Bharat (Group Director-Career Development Cell, Acropolis Institute) and Prof. Anupama Modi.
About Four Instructors:
Glenn Reph- Beginning in 1982, Glenn opened two dozen major markets as a Vice President for Credit Card Systems (Citibank). Then in 1986, Glenn started his own venture with two employees creating a credit card technology firm (National Bankcard Association) with IP patents and over a hundred employees in San Diego, California. Moving to Seattle in 1997, Glenn expanded a small home-based ecommerce website (Coolerguys) into a national brand exceeding $1 million in monthly sales volume through an innovative cross branding deal with Marvel Comics. Over the last ten years, Glenn has been Executive Director for a number of non-profit organizations.  Today, Glenn does business consulting, serves on a number of boards and is CEO of ISOEL.
John Geigert- For almost four decades, John has embraced a career of assisting pharmaceutical companies in bringing new and innovative medicines into the international marketplace. Beginning in 1973, John joined Cetus Corporation in Berkeley, California and provided leadership in successfully obtaining European market approval for one of the first bio-pharmaceuticals to treat kidney cancer. Continuing with his passion to help patients, John formed his own consulting company in 2001, and over the past decade, he has assisted numerous companies in moving their developmental medicines closer to market approval.
T.J. Smith- TJ’s enthusiasm for training is matched only by his love of Indian business and culture. Having personally trained hundreds of Indian professionals across a variety of sectors, he seeks to understand the way culture impacts successful, ethical business. Before moving to India in 2005, TJ trained two call centers for Medtronic, Inc., the world’s largest medical technology company. Becoming a Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma, he reduced Medtronic Diabetes’ real-time training processes by 22%, saving over $430,000 a year. Since 2007, TJ has worked with Delhi-based Shanti Consulting.
Don Kiehl- Don is a Senior SIMA® Specialist for SIMA® International. SI helps individuals and institutions discover the ways that people have been designed for productivity and satisfaction. Don has been a part of SI since 1990. He is an expert at conducting the SIMA® interview aimed at uncovering a person’s native strengths, then crafting an explanatory description of the way that individual can best make a contribution to his/her organization, family, and society. Don has been a minister, radio talk-show host and executive-recruitment researcher.
About ISOEL:
International School of Entrepreneurship & Leadership (ISOEL) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the continuing education, development, and training of servant oriented, socially responsible entrepreneurial business leaders.
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