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Expert talk on Green Corridor Projects – November 17, 2017

Department               –           MBA (AFMR)

Name of Event           –           Expert talk

Date of Event              –         Friday, 17th November ,2017

Objective of Event     –          Develop awareness & understanding of  Green Corridor Projects n

Details of Guests with Designation  – Dr. Satish  Saroshe                                                   Faculty  Community Medicine Deptt. MGM College, Indore

Dignitaries Present                 –

Coordinator (s)/Convener    –           Prof Juhi Kamakoty (Coordinator Kaizen Club)

Details of Participants           –           MBA  Students

Achievements (if any)           –


Write up giving highlights

A talk was organized on ‘Green Corridor Projects ’ for  the MBA students. The resource person for the event was Dr.  Satish Saroshe , Faculty  of Community  Medicine Deptt, MGM Medical College, Indore. The purpose of this talk was to build awareness about green projects amongst the students.  The resource person sensitized  our students on the sublime and noble objective of  organ donation and how it can make this world a better place to live. However the successful donation and reception of organ calls for a very proficient and agile project  management team with absolutely no chance of  failure. It  is actually a real time project  which has its own challenges. With crazy time lines  between the donar and recipient,  techno medical issues, avalanche of  legal formalities and spatial distance   it is   a herculean project to accomplish.    While it takes a split of second to take away life, it requires immense blood ,sweat,  nerve  and management acumen to save life.  This invitro to invivo project requires involvement of   medical ,legal,  public, private, government bodies  in close coordination. The task of project manager  here, is to coordinate with all stake holders in real time  and yet beat the time .  The pain and stress of managing this task is worth the  reward that   one gets .

The students were very eager to know about this project and realized the worth of management skills required here. The session was interactive and taught students some important lessons on Project Management. They left the hall with  more sensitivity and respect for human life.The event was organized by Prof Juhi Kamakoty (Kaizen club coordinator)

Prepared by                          Prof.  Juhi Kamakoty

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