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Expert talk on ‘Supply chain & Logistics : An industry perspective of Operations Management’ on June 8, 2021

Department                                       –           MBA (AFMR)

Name of Event                                   –           Expert Talk on ‘Supply chain & Logistics : An

                                                                               industry perspective on Operations Management’

Date of Event                                      –           Tuesday June 8, 2021

Objective of Event                             –          Develop basic understanding of Operations in


Details of Expert with Designation –         Mr Sharad Chitnis  , Consultant manufacturing

                                                                              industries & advisor academics


Coordinator (s)/Convener                –          Prof Juhi Kamakoty (Coordinator Kaizen Club)

Details of Participants                                  –           MBA  Students  (Sem 2 & 4)

 Write up giving highlights

An expert talk was organized on ‘Supply chain & Logistics : An   industry perspective  of

Operations Management’ for the MBA students by Prof Juhi Kamakoty, under the aegis  of

Kaizen Club. The resource person for the event was Mr.Sharad Chitnis. He spans  a vast eclectic

career of around four decades  in industry and consultancy.

Mr. Chitnis  talked about the concept, origin and evolution of  logistics . He asserted that Logistics is away of life that may  be applied to an individual, family, corporate, manufacturing or services. The resource person discussed the  various  operations  practices and procedures adopted  in industry to improve  continuously.  He emphasized the need for Lean to be adopted as a practice in  industry . Lean improves productivity, reduces waste and enhances sustainability.

The students were excited to know about this unsought field and interacted with the resource person to satisfy their inquisitiveness. The expert talk eventually ended opening up new horizons for the students.

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