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FDP on  Financial Literacy  and Team Building. at National Pubic School, Indore July 23 & 30 2022

Department                -    MBA (AFMR)
Name of Event             -    FDP on Financial Literacy & Team Building
Date of Event             -    23rd  -30th July  2022 ( 1:30-4:00 pm)
Objective of Event        -   Impart Financial literacy and help in Team Building                     
Resourse Persons          -    Dr. Juhi Kamakoty,  Rajeshwari Gwal & Dr. Anand Bhatt
Coordinator (s)/Convener  -    Dr. Juhi Kamakoty (FDP Coordinator)                                                           
Details of Participants:   -   35 (Faculty members from NPS, Indore)

An FDP  on  ‘Financial Literacy & Team Building ’ was conducted  at National Public School, Indore  (NPS) on  July 23rd   and 30th 2022. There were about 35 faculty  participants from NPS   Indore.

The FDP  was   a two  day capsule course  specially designed keeping in mind the requirements of  teaching   professionals.  While the first day  focused  on Finance basics, the second   day  gave    insights  on Team building. The FDP was concluded with an interesting activity on Team building. The resource persons for this FDP were   Dr. Juhi Kamakoty, Dr. Rajeshwari Gwal, Dr Anand Bhatt. The FDP was conducted in the school campus to ensure participation of all faculty members.  

The FDP was sourced, designed and coordinated by Dr.  Juhi Kamakoty (FDP Coordinator)

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