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Fifth International Conference on ” Innovative Business Practices for Creating Value in Global Era” on 29 December 2015.

Fifth Annual International Conference
 Innovative business practices for creating value in global era”
29 December 2015
Value based management is essential for the organisation. Value is the viability of the business. Right decision on right time ensures all round success in the companies. These were the thoughts from the Guests who were present in Fifth International Conference on theme Innovative business practices for creating value in global era” organized by Acropolis Faculty of Management & Research North Campus on 29 December 2015. The first four conferences were highly successful towards meeting the objectives of creating platform for the academicians and industry people.
The conference was inaugurated by Guest of Honour Prof. V. K. Gupta, Professor & Chairman, Finance & Accounting Area, Indian Institute of Management, Indore and Chief Guest – Mr. S. K. Singh, Vice President (Power Plant), Grasim Industries, Nagda and Vice Chairman Dr. Ashok Kumat.
In his welcome speech, director of Acropolis Faculty of Management & Research Prof. Sandeep Singh threw light on the theme and explained the framework of innovation. He cited the examples of Bullet train, Cisco, Microsoft with reference to breakthrough innovations. His major emphasis was on reverse innovation and creativity. Prof. Juhi Kamakoty highlighted the journey of conference and added insights into the various vistas.
Guest of Honour Prof. V. K. Gupta said that The scenario has been changing from customer satisfaction to customer delight; from cost cutting to cost creation; value management to value engineering and return on investment to return on people. Productivity leads to quality; which leads to brand; which leads to price; and goodwill of the business. In his thought provoking speech, he highlighted the value aspect of the innovation.
Chief Guest – Mr. S. K. Singh said that innovation is the cornerstone of the business; it is the beginning as well as the end. With examples of industries, he elaborated the need of innovation in all aspects of life. The fifth volume of Acropolis journal “Shodh-Ganga” and “Conference edited volume” were released during the conference.
The entire day had technical sessions on Marketing, Finance, HR, general management along with technology and operations. Papers were presented across various functional areas including- CRM, Store Patronage, E-tailing, Mobile Number Portability, Customer Preferences, Online Shopping, Service Quality, M-Commerce, Employee Attitude, Employee Engagement, Job Satisfaction, Stress Management, Quality of Work Life, Performance Management System, Staffing, Managerial Failure, Organization Climate, Green HRM, Retention, Workforce Composition, Sectoral Indices, Bank Management, Stock Market, Spiritual Tourism, CSR, Entrepreneurship, Land Management, Supply Chain Profitability, Risk Management, Risk Modeling, Sustainable Development, Small Cell Network, Wireless Communication. Sessions Chairs for the plenary session were Dr. Manish Sitlani andDr. Jyoti Sharma from IIPS, DAVV Indore.
For the journal and Conference, there were more than 70 papers received from places like Mexico from abroad; and from India places like –Mumbai, Vidyanagar Gujarat, Bangalore, IIT Roorkee, Mussourie, Jaipur, Banasthali Rajasthan, Chittorgarh, Hyderabad, Pondicherry; and from Ujjain, Bhopal, Dewas and Indore. Finally 53 papers were accepted for conference and 7 papers for the journal. The event was conducted by Dr. Anshu Jaisinghani and Prof. Naman Shrivastava and vote of thanks was given by Dr. Vishal Geete and Dr. Jitendra K. Sharma.
It is expected that this conference would prove to be another milestone in new avenues of research.
Photographs and Media Coverage
conference 26 Dec 2015 (2)     Mr_ Singh Chief Guest
Prof_ Gupta Guest of Honour  Free Press_MBA Conference_31_12_2015

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