First National Conference on December 28, 2011

Acropolis Faculty of Management and Research (AFMR), Indore with the involvement of MSME Indore successfully organized First National Conference on “Managing the Organizations in Post- recession World.” The First National Conference was inaugurated by Mr. MM Sharma Chief Guest, General Manager from MSME Tool room, Prof. Om Prakash, Guest of Honour, North Dakota University USA and Dr. Sumer Singh Yadav, Director, Acropolis Faculty of Management and Research, Indore by lighting the lamp.
Throwing light on the subject of the conference Mr. MM Sharma Chief Guest, General Manager from MSME Tool room in his speech said, “Government, academia and industry are the three wheels that can lead any society towards progress. However, the wheels should be aligned in tandem to each other so that they may move in sync. Academia today focuses on knowledge and placement while industries today require skills and attitude. Service quality may be improved only when the gap is bridged. The government plays a vital role here by designing suitable schemes and policies. It is important that academia understands the requirements of industry and design curriculum so that they are able to produce human skill sets that may readily fit the industrial requirement. Industries also have to become more and more customer oriented. Customer requirement keeps on changing with time so the industries should abridge themselves with the needs of the customers and services accordingly. Only when industry knows what the customer wants they may be able to convert them into relevant skill sets to be produced by the institutes.”
Prof. Om Prakash, Guest of Honour, North Dakota University USA in his keynote addressed the issue of economic downturn and its impact on industry. He, with examples from Indian and China, highlighted the development issues of both countries. He highlighted the need of leadership, teamwork and ethics in business. He emphasized on holistic approach for management and linked it with supply chain management. His main area of focus was on balancing the triangle of academics, industry and the Government. He said that value creation will take place when synergy exists between the holy triangles. He also focused on qualitative academic research that it is very important to understand quality in the present volatile market scenario. He mentioned that since the customer demand is changing every day the industry, academia and government have to be on their toes to deliver services that yield customer satisfaction. The trio can be achieved by cohesion and integration among themselves.”
In inaugural address, Dr. Sumer Singh Yadav, Director-AFMR highlighted the theme of “Managing the Organizations in Post-recession World” and said the topic was chosen so that we can address some issues of immediate concern and which can be of great benefits to industry and society.
The Acropolis Conference has witnessed two technical sessions for paper presentation on various sub-themes of marketing, HRM, finance, MSME and other themes.
Session 1 was chaired by Dr. Alok Mittal (Director, Medicaps Institute of Technology and Management Indore) and Session 2 was chaired by Dr. Mayank Saxena (Director, CH Institute of Management Indore). We had around 22 papers presented in the conference on various issues related to MSME, Marketing, Finance, HRM and general management. There were around 40 delegates from various part of the country. Some unique areas have been explored by delegates like- Prof. Prachi Sharma and Prof. Rishi Vaidya from Modern Institute of Professional Studies Indore have drawn attention to HR issues in MSMEs along with challenges and opportunities for managers. In simple manner, they have explained such issues. Prof. Shahina Qureshi from Acropolis Technical Campus Indore has effectively highlighted the issue of microfinance and its linkage with social transition and poverty reduction with example of Grameen Bank of Bangladesh for which Mohammed Yunus got Nobel Prize in 2006.
Mr. Ashish Moitra, the industry delegate from Pithampur has thrown light on Special Economic Zone in Pithampur and its role in industrial development. Prof. Massarrat from Acropolis Faculty of Management and Research has provided inputs on the less-touched area of women empowerment in rural Madhya Pradesh. Such areas are rarely explored in Conferences. Prof. Ambar Tiwari from International Institute of Foreign Trade and Research Indore has put forward issues related to Indian Retail sector and its implications in current scenario. The delegates will take significant inputs out of this conference. With efforts from Acropolis management, Director, faculty members and delegates, the first conference has been successful in meeting its objectives.
On the occasion “Shodh Ganga” Magazine of Acropolis Management was also inaugurated.
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