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First National Conference on ” Managing the Organization in Post Recession World” on 28 December 2011.

First National Conference (28 December 2011)
Acropolis Faculty of Management & Research has organized First National Conference on 28 December, 2011 under the guidance of Conference Chairman Prof. Sumer S. Yadav (Director, AFMR) and Conference Secretary Dr. Anant Gwal. The one day conference was aimed to create a place for idea-sharing on managing the organizations in post-recession world. This is the conference where academicians and industry stalwarts discussed post-recessionary issues in the wake of functional areas along with MSME as a special focus.
The First National Conference was inaugurated on 28 December by Prof. Om Prakash (Guest of Honour) from North Dakota University USA and Mr. M.M. Sharma (Chief Guest), General Manager – MSME Tool room. In inaugural address, Prof. Sumer Singh Yadav, Director Acropolis highlighted the theme of ‘Managing the Organizations in Post-recession World’. In his keynote address, Prof. Om Prakash addressed the issue of economic downturn and its impact on industry. He, with examples from Indian and China, highlighted the development issues of both countries. He emphasized on holistic approach for management and linked it with supply chain management.
Mr. M. M. Sharma in his speech told that government, academia and industry are the three wheels that can lead any society towards progress. However, the wheels should be aligned in tandem to each other so that they may move in sync. Academia today focuses on knowledge and placement while industries today require skills and attitude. The government plays a vital role here by designing suitable schemes and policies. The inaugural function was attended by Dr. Ashok Kumat (Vice Chairman, Acropolis), Dr. Kamal Bharani (Principal AITR), Dr. J. L. Bhandari (Director, AIMSR), Mr. K. C. Meena (MSME) and directors from reputed business schools from Chameli Devi School of Management, LNCT Business School, Malwa Institute, Shri Vaishnav Institute of Management, IIFTR Medicaps, Vishist School of Management, MIST etc.
The Journal of Acropolis “Shodh-Ganga” and “Conference Proceedings” book were inaugurated by the Guests in inaugural function. The inaugural issue of “Shodh-Ganga” journal having ISSN number consisted of quality research papers along with book review and case study.
The Acropolis Conference has witnessed technical session for paper presentation on various sub-themes of marketing, HRM, finance, MSME and other themes. The session chairs were Dr. Alok Mittal (Medicaps Institute of Technology and Management) and Dr. Mayank Saxena (CH Institute of Management). The conference had around 20 papers presented in the conference on various issues related to MSME, Marketing, Finance, HRM and general management. There were around 30 delegates from various business schools and industries like Medicaps, IIFTR, Vishist Institute, Modern Institute, Aurbindo, Pioneer, Astral, Patel College, Vivekanand college, Acropolis Technical Campus. Some unique areas have been explored by delegates like HR issues in MSMEs, microfinance and its linkage with social transition, Special Economic Zone, women empowerment etc.
The delegates have taken significant inputs out of this conference. With efforts from Acropolis management, Director, faculty members and delegates, the first conference has been successful in meeting its objectives. This was another event of Acropolis Business School, which was managed successfully by the Collaborative efforts of all.

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