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Guest Lecture on “Happiness- The Immunity Booster” on May 7, 2021

Department                    : Acropolis Faculty of Management & Research

Speaker                : Mr. Pankaj Kothari, C.A.

Date                     : 07/05/2021

Day                      : Friday

Topic                     : “Happiness- The Immunity Booster”

Time                     : 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Organizer             : Dr. Vishal Geete

Beneficiaries         : Students of MBA semester II & IV

Highlights of the Event

MBA department has organized an Online Guest session on 07/05/2021. The speaker was C.A. Pankaj Kothari. Mr. Kothari is having 34 year of experience which includes corporate as well as academics.

Mr. Kothari talked about the happiness and how it contributes to the success. His focus was on change, he said students that majorly things move according to our perception. If our perception is positive then there will be positive movement and if negative perception then thing moves in negative direction.

Mr. Kothari talked about 5 power which are 1) Power of Choice 2) Power of Gratitude 3) Power of Now 4) Power of Forgiveness 5) Power of Giving.

He said that if we practice all these five power than only we can experience the power of Pandava’s.

Prepared by Dr. Vishal Geete

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