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Importance of Morning Asseembly – August 2014

Importance of Morning Assembly 
Students of HR Club-Sanmarg took session on ‘Importance of Morning Assembly’ where they  briefed the students regarding thewhy and how of the assembly conducted in AFMR and AITR.
Shyamli Aashirwadam welcomed the new students on behalf of HR Club and spoke about the morning assembly being conducted daily by the students and showed them the video shoot of the morning assembly. Palak Jaiswal then told them about the importance of OM CHANTING .Pooja Sharma informed them regarding the PRAYER that is done every day and its significance. Steffi Aashirwadam told them about the OATH and how it is to be taken. Finally Kajal Thakur came up with the purpose of saying the THOUGHT FOR THE DAY. This session ended with all the students doing the assembly together. The event was co-ordinated by HR Club co-ordinator Dr Rajeshwari Gwal.

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