Independence Day

Acropolis Institute celebrates Independence Day
  • Students saluted India through cultural performances
  • Students performed on patriotic songs and dance
  • MBA Department organized Alumni Meet ‘SAMAGAM’ in the Institute
Indore, August 15, 2012: Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research (AITR), Indore celebrated Independence Day with the Flag Hoisting and organizing various cultural activities in the institute on Wednesday. The Chief Guest, present during the program was Dr. Mahavir Bidasaria, Managing Director of Ferro Concrete Construction, India Pvt. Ltd. and Ferro Concrete Consultant Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Ashok Sojatia, Chairman BOG, Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research, Indore welcomed everyone and said on the occasion, “As we can see that today everyone is busy in their own lives, for them this day has become to mere formality. We can say from the assessment that in future around 45 Crore population will be of youth, but the issue to think upon is how much of them will work properly. To bring everything into process is the core responsibility of us. Pondering upon the point we have just taken a small yet effective step of building this institute. I can only request all the faculties and professors that they must get deeply involved with the students for the betterment of their future and in turn our country. We should set an aim to accomplish this goal. A simple step could be starting Mentoring System in each institute. This system will ensure direct contact between the faculties and students, giving more personalized attention to each and every student. This will surely contribute and prove to be a strong step towards our nation building.”

Concluding his address Mr. Ashok Sojatia said that everyone should solve the problems of the young talent and should continuously motivate them so that they can build a better nation with their work and fill the gaps prevailing today in society for long term.
On the occasion the Professor and Head of EC Department, Prof. Manish Sharma could not stop himself from expressing his patriotism towards the country and said, “Presently, it is very essential to understand what is the importance of patriotism. Has it only become flag hoisting? If we only depend on this concept of showing our patriotism, then it is not the sign of a true patriotic hero. Today, we can see, patriotism has become a thing that arises sometimes. It arises when there is India and Pakistan match or supporting Anna Hazare for passing of Lokpal Bill. Patriotism is not merely lighting a candle. It should become our responsibility so that we can with our efforts fulfill all the dreams of our patriotic heroes who fought bravely for our nation.”

Program Activities:
On the occasion of Independence Day, Acropolis Institute presented the Cultural Program. The cultural program started with a Devotional Group Dance performed by AIMSR students. This was followed by Group Song presented by Mridul Garg and Group and Solo song by Garima Pasari. Further in colorful activities the solo dance depicting the power of single man was very well performed by Nitesh.
Welcome speech was delivered by Dr. M.D. Agrawal, Director, AITR. On the occasion Mr. Ashish Sojatia (Group Chairman), Mr. Gaurav Sojatia (Chairman), Mr. M.K. Dube (CEO), Prof. Sumer Singh (Director, AFMR) of the Institute was also present. The series of wonderful performances were hosted and conducted by students of the Institute Aditya Shrivastava and Mahesh Yadav. Ms. Sumitra Joshi coordinated the event. The program was directed by Mr. Gaurav Chaitanya. Vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Kamal Bharani, Principal, AITR.

MBA Department Alumni Meet ‘SAMAGAM’:
Alumni meet was celebrated on 15th August in the Institute by Acropolis Business School. The Independence Day further marked the congruence of various batches of Acropolis. The past, present and future alumni seamlessly intermingled with each other. The past discussed and shared their experience, the present student talked about their dreams and the future had their own vision to speak about the event graced by the Management, Directors and the faculty Members. The short and sweet program started formally and then ended on an informal note with all the alumni dancing and singing to the music of life at Acro.
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