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Industrial visit : Nitriders, Sanwer Road, Indore 4th Nov. 2016

Acropolis strongly believes  in supporting classroom teachings with  industry practices. The  abstract theories and concepts that are taught in the lectures are reinforced when the students see the practical implementation of the same in industries. Keeping up with the commitment to provide the  latest state of art education to our students , the institutes often complements  classroom teaching with industry  tours. In line with the same, an industrial visit had been organized for the students of MBA (Operation Stream) to Indore Nitriders, Sanwer Road, Indore,4th  Nov. 2016.

The visit was  organized for them to sensitize them to  the various   industry processes and practices and give them a feel of the shopfloor. During the visit, the students  were  very eager and excited  to know  about the various shops and sections that they visited. The firm was into  manufacturing of automobile parts, railway locomotives and jigs & fixtures.. Indore Nitriders was a tool room and precision machine shop . The students could see a variety  of machines and toolings that made them realize the quantum work that is required in pre-production operations.

The visit  taught the students of Operations stream some important lessons on pre production palnning .  . They got an idea of tool room and how it lends itself to pre- production planning. The visit was also meant to give the students exposure to MSME. The students with a flair entrepreneurship may learn about the pathways that they may explore in the future along with an understanding of the challenges and issues that they may encounter.

The visit had been organised by Prof Juhi Kamakoty under the aegis of Kaizen club.


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