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Industry Visit – Porwal Auto Component, Pithampur

Department                                       –           MBA (AFMR)

Name of Event                                  –           Industry Visit (Porwal Auto Component, Pithampur)

Date of Event                                    –           22/04/2017

Objective of Event                          –           Exposure to industry/shopfloor

Coordinator (s)/Convener         –           Prof. Juhi Kamakoty       (Coordinator Kaizen Club)

Details of Participants: –              –           Sem 2 & Sem 4 students

Write up giving highlights (not exceeding than 200 words)-


Keeping up with the commitment to provide the  best education in terms of theory and practices to our students, the Institute has organized an industry visit to Porwal Auto Components Ltd, Pithampur on April 22, 2017.  The batch comprising of 45 students from OM specialization, sem IV and sem II were taken to the plant visit.  Before the plant visit, the students were debriefed about the company profile, product and the processes.

The students were divided into two batches and were ushered into the plant by the supervisor. The supervisors explained the various shops to the students and how value addition took place at every shop. They students were able to identify and appreciate the value chain concept and how output from one process was the input to the next successive process. The visit gave them a good exposure to the various industrial practices like- inventory management, store management, customer relationship management, supply chain management, quality control and so on. The students of sem IV, who have opted for Operations as specialization, could relate the practical learnings from the visit, with the courses taught to them in classes. The visit further accrued to their learnings on   productivity management, product design, production planning, technology management etc when they actually saw it live.

As is the routine, the students are required to submit a write up of their learnings from the visit in the form of report. The visit had been organized by Prof Juhi Kamakoty, Coordinator Kaizen Club (Operations).

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