Internal FDP using Virtual Environment

Department : MBA


Name of Event : Internal FDP using Virtual Environment


Date of Event :  Tuesday Aug. 11,  2020 (2:30-4:30 pm)
Objective of event : To add on to the knowledge of   Google classroom  and virtual meet



Resource person & Coordinator









All faculty members

Prof.  Juhi Kamakoty


Report in brief:-

As an add on to the FDP conducted on above topic mentioned topic (dated – July 1, 2020), another FDP was conducted  by the undersigned to reinforce and attend to the queries of faculty members on virtual classes.  The following points  summarize the FDP session-

  • A run through the G classroom was done demonstrating  the details (streaming,uploading, adding classes, inviting students, grading, cretation of link, streaming, google calender etc)
  • A demonstratration  along with the applicability and procedure to download & use   chrome extensions.
  • The FDP was conducted in Google class room itself  through meet
  • A demo on google extension to create and maintain attendance record in virtual session was conducted. Meet attendance downloading, linking, google sheets, managing the sheets, customizing attendance generated on sheets)
  • Individual queries of the faculty member were
  • The meeting was conducted on google meet as well as on campus


Prepared by: Prof. Juhi Kamakoty

IMG_20200811_142832 IMG_20200811_143043

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