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Kaizen Prism – May 31, 2016

Operations  Model Making Activity – Operations Mngt Sem IV (batch 2014-16)

In order to develop applicability skills in the outgoing batch of Operations Management students  a model making activity had been organized for them  by Prof Juhi Kamakoty (Kaizen Club Coordinator). The purpose of the exercise was to make the students  appreciate the finer nuances of operational issues  involved in day to day business.  Operations management a very important stream  of business that is better understood when one steps into the footstep of operations manager. The students in this activity were asked to depict a model of any business of their choice and delineate as many as possible operationsl functions in that.

The students of sem IV Operations stream came up with models of various service industries like- Safe express, Apna Sweets, Lotus Electronics Mall, ABC Bank,  IT industry, Best Price, Automobile service centre etc. The models depicted  principles  of material flow, layout, supply chain, logistics, network, vendor management,  capacity management, inventory, warehousing and so on. The students enjoyed doing this kind of activity and took great interesting in developing the models. The students were asked to relate the  learning of theory that they could see in practice in the model.   The models will be used as visual aids to enhance the perception of  next batches of students. This modeling activity was done for the very  first time in MBA under the aegis of Kaizen Club.

The models were displayed in  the club event “Kaizen Prism” on May 31, 2016 in the MBA lobby. In order to encourage the students , best three models were selected by the judges and certificates have been awarded to them.  Ms  Shweta Patidar  secured the first postion. At the second postion there was a tie between  Mr Rahul Shivhare and Ms. Shikha Bansal. The third postion was secured by Ms. Ankita Khandelwal.  All other  students have been awarded with certificate of participation.

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