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Mr Amitabh Malthur, Business Head,Performance Leather Business, Tata Int., Dewas (3 May 2016)

To churn out  the best quality humanware  that befits the industry, academia need to centrifuge with industry. Academia establishes theories, Industry propagates practices. To ingrain sound theory and   contemporary practices in the students , education  cannot be restricted to  the four walls of classroom. Either students go to the industry or the industry comes to the students. At Acropolis (North Campus) we practice both in the form of industrial visits and expert talk.

In order to connect the theories with the practices in business an   expert talk had been organized for MBA students on ‘Skills required at work’. The resource person for this talk was Mr. Amitabh Mathur,  Business Head, Leather unit Tata International, Dewas   He  spoke on the various management practices in business   and the various skill sets the students should develop in them if they want to make a successful career in corporate.

Our honorable speaker a successful  manager and a a mechanical engineer , also  nurtured passion for academics. He soon stepped into his  role of mentor and shared some of his  experiences with the students. He compiled his learnings from life in the following simple but meaningful  phrases-  You are  responsible for your own learning,  in life there is often a slip between cup n lip, devil is in detail, Not everything is exciting, it requires patience to be successful, Communication is an art everyone should posses,  keep an eye on future trends, Respect & Diversity are virtues that one must have, inspired n inspire others, Be tough on self, respect Kaal purushartha daiva in life and offcourse have time for  family.

The expert talk was engrossing and captivating, what the students learned today was  knowledge  beyond books, they were pearls of wisdom accumulated by Mr. Amitabh Mathur across the various decades of his life.


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