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Mr. Rahul Jain M.D., PSPL, Indore – 18 September 2015

Report on Expert Talk: Mr. Rahul Jain (M.D., PSPL, Indore)
Date : Sept 18, 2015                                                                                                                Time:  12:00-1:30 pm
Learning is a continuum. While the conventional modes of classroom learning is a must to edify the theories and concept in the learner’s mind, the practices of trade can only be taught to the learners by exposing them  to  the trade. Acropolis,  acknowledges this challenge and is always inclined to bridge that gap between theory and practices. To keep up with the commitment to make the transition of our students from academia to industry , seamless, we  take our students to  industry or try and bring industry to our students.  The guest lecture organized today, was yet another of our efforts to bring the industry resources to interact with the students and share their valuable repository of knowledge.
Mr. Rahul Jain, M.D., Percept Swift Pvt Ltd, Indore was our honorable guest speaker today. He  inspired the students  by sharing his experience and his journey in life.  He discussed about the  work culture of his organization and   emphasized that it  is  not something that is just practiced between the logins and logouts but it is  actually the ‘Way of Life’ in his PSPL family DNA.   Thinking beyond  boundaries, giving a little extra, stretching beyond the limits, honoring commitments, taking risk and believing in self are some  of quintessential ways of life at PSPL.   Our learned speaker, shared some profound insights on  work culture that is beyond the conventional lessons found in the  books. And offcourse , all this has to be topped with  a slice of humor, he emphazised. Humor and laughter elevates work stress and refuels the mind.
During interaction with the students, Mr. Rahul Jain,  veteran of advertising,   pointed out, that there is no specially crafted skills set  you require for making a career in marketing or advertising. You  just  need to have a dream and  be passionate about it. It is the honesty with which you pursue your goal, your confidence and your commitment that is required to lead you to your dreams.   Young minds should dream and dream high, only when one sets high dreams one can  achieve heights. ‘Life is not worth living without an impossible dream to achieve’ was the philosophy  that our students inherited  from our eminent speaker today.

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