National Summit organized on ‘Smart Cities & Urban Planning’

Indore, September 19, 2014:  

“Before implementing the concept of “Smart City” we need to understand our own city”, this was transpired by Prof. Jagan Shah, Director, National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi while speaking on the topic “Smart Cities and Urban Planning: An Overview” during the National Summit on Smart Cities & Urban Planning organized by Acropolis Group, Manglia, Indore on September 19, 2014.
First speaker:
Prof. Jagan Shah further said, “In our country, every city is different from other and have distinct feature, so it’s a very customise approach. In smart city the land use is very efficient. Link land use with public transportation. It will be energy efficient. For Smart City it is vital to make smart buildings, if the goal of smart cities is to be achieved. We need to emphasise on different areas like Smart Governance, Smart Education, Smart Healthcare, Smart Mobility, Smart Infrastructure and Efficient Energy Source and above all, more important is smart people.” He emphasized on vision, physiological and technical definition of Smart City and defined and projected working scenario of smart cities.
Second speaker:
Er. Azad Jain, Sr. Consulting Structural Engineer, Azad Jain and Associates spoke on “Greenest Building in Central India – A Case Study” and said, “Smart cities are built with smart citizens.” He emphasized on various infrastructural features – thermal comfort, water efficiency, enhanced ventilation, energy efficiency, landscaping, material conservation. He also shared his views on need of green building.
Third speaker:
Er. Hitendra Mehta, Senior Consulting Engineer, Mehta & Mehta Associates spoke on “City Transportation and Smart Mobility” and said, “There is a need to increase public transport. All public transport must be a combination of BRTS and Metro. Public transport must gain an upper hand in its utilization as compared to private mobility.”
Fourth speaker:
Er. S V Sarwate, Minining and Consulting Engineer, Demolition Expert of Par Excellence spoke on”Trenchless Technology and its Challenges in Urban Areas” and emphasized on sensor blasting for tunnels and dangerous buildings near the existing important buildings. It is used for tunnel, cannels and metro trains. This technology was implemented by Er. Sarwate and thus registered in Limca Book of Records for the same.
Fifth speaker,:
Mr. Ashish Shukla, Builder and Real Estate Management Trainer spoke on “Growing Urban Cities and Infrastructural Concerns of Common Men” and said, “Due to urbanization, the people has decided to change their present system of living style with minimum space as well as low cost and use of light weight construction material.”
Sixth speaker:
Dr. Jyoti Sarup, Department of Civil Engineering, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT), Bhopal M.P. spoke on “Smart City Solutions through GIS” and said, “There is a requirement of minimum road width in residential township as well as smart city and urban planning. Keep more space between two houses as per GIS norms.
Seventh speaker:
Mr. Ravindra Shukla, Member of MP Govt. State Water Policy Committee and Sr.Journalist and Developershared his views on vision of water requirement in growing cities.
Welcome address was given by Prof. SK Sohani (HOD-Civil Engg. Dept.). The occasion was marked by the presence of Mr. Ashok Sojatia (Chairman BOG), Dr. MD Agrawal (Director, AITR), Dr. Kamal Bharani (Principal, AITR). The program was conducted by Civil Engineering Department under the guidance of Prof. SK Sohani (HOD-Civil Engg. Dept.). The program was coordinated by Prof. Nargis Sheikh, Prof. Mugdha Trivedi and Prof. Swapnil Chourey. Vote of thanks was proposed by Er. D S Parihar, Sr. Consulting Structural Engineer, D. S. Parihar & Associates.
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