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Orientation Programme for MBA/MAM entrants (2 year and 5 year programme) – August 2014

Orientation Programme for MBA/MAM entrants (2 year and 5 year programme) 
Students of HR Club-Sanmarg volunteered enthusiastically and helped in the smooth conduction of the following events :Importance of Morning Assembly (11th August) ; Management Games-Roping Legs, Jumbled Words (21st August) ; Newspaper Exercise (22nd August) and Induction Programme (23rd August).
Students of HR Club-Sanmarg took session on ‘Importance of Morning Assembly’ and   briefed the new entrants regarding thewhy and how of the assembly conducted in AFMR and AITR. This session ended with all the students doing the assembly together.
Management Game (Jumbled Words) and Team Building (Roping Legs) activities were conducted by HR Club students to simulate environment for the newcomers. Students were briefed about the learning outcomes related to these activities and were made to understand important concepts through them. The students enjoyed playing management games.
A unique Newspaper Exercise was done by Dr Rajeshwari Gwal where she invited the students  to share their learnings related to the cuttings and filing from  the newspaper Business Standard. The session was recapitulated by telling how to make daily newspaper reading effective.
On the Induction Day ,students of HR Club enthusiastically welcomed the new students by putting tilak on everyone’s forehead and putting a smiley badge on their dress. They decorated the entrance with rangoli.
During the programme the HR Club students worked together in groups on exercises which demanded both teamwork skills and individual enterprise. To handhold and assist in the acclimatization of the new entrant is the fundamental responsibility of any HR Team and HR Club students were successful in fulfilling their roles. All these events gave immense learning opportunity for the management students of HR Club- Sanmarg

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