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Panel Discussion on Leveraging Legacy Business – 31/08/18

Family Business Cell organized A Panel discussion on ‘Leveraging Legacy Business’.The objective of the event was to encourage our students to leverage their own family business and indulge themselves in the ready platform in front of them which they unfortunately ignore. In an interesting way Moderator Mr. Khandelwal rose questions from the panelist on how they joined their Family business? What Challenges did they face? How they overcome those challenges? Didn’t they had a thought of doing a Job rather joining family business? To answer all, the panelist namely, Ms. Anubha Anand (Director, Punjab Retail Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Amit Jain, (MD, Erawat Pharma Ltd), Mr. Ankit Taneja (Manager-Operations, Taneja Iron & Steels Pvt. Ltd.) and Mr. Navin Khandelwal (Chartered Accountant) himself, shared their journey. The students learnt about grabbing the opportunity in the family business, being empathetic, keeping ego at bay, being disciplined and focused, being proactive and ready to face challenges. They understood and realized the importance of the platform and the opportunity they have with them as their Family Business.

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