Career Development can be defined as the assemblage of psychological, sociological, educational, physical, and economic factors that combine to influence the nature and significance of work in the total lifespan of an individual. In simpler terms it is an individual’s progression through life. Taking the right decisions at the right time contributes a great deal in creating an envious career. The Career Development Cell at Acropolis Group works towards achieving this goal. The activities workshops & programmes conducted by the CDC are a means to achieve the much sought careers and are not an end in itself. The cell provides vast opportunities for quantitative growth as they widen the student’s horizon to unimaginable prospects. The Cell makes special effort to ensure students are on target with educational and career goals, and helps them to identify the perfect career path.
In the mission of creating tomorrow’s leaders for the country, we at Career Development Cell Acropolis are extremely focused on employability skill development, entrepreneurship awareness and life skill. With a conducive environment for scholastic excellence, we encourage our students to learn by developing a holistic approach towards education. A rigorous academic regimen supported with career development cell year round skill development, entrepreneurship & extracurricular activities  not only broadens their knowledge base and skill set but also imbibes in them the feeling of social and individual responsibility. The aim is to create well balanced professionals who would be the change agents of future, yet carry forward the legacy of Acropolis.
CDC with an integrated approach to education with practice, students creative qualities and innovative skills are being further honed. The journey of their transformation through the unique pedagogy of our institute is on; which we are sure, will hold them in good and prosperous state in future.
CDC enjoys unflinching support and constant patronage of Industry & bodies. Knowledge and continuous learning are the mainstays amongst the leading organizations today. In view of this requirement and the vision of Acropolis, CDC grooms its students with a perfect blend of academics, employability skills, entrepreneurship, core competencies, and ethics & values so that they evolve and succeed in every sphere of their life in our radical and complex society.
Students are constantly be engaged in their own development throughout our academic programme, and beyond, in 3 broad time-pockets:
Branding:- Students will be exposed to preparatory sessions on self-branding, CV and Relevance Cover preparation, interview skills, presentation skills, and personal preparation. They will be engaged with career specialists, headhunters, HR from organisations, and competency experts.
Connecting:- Student engagement with Alumni, Business Leaders, and prepare to undertake projects/internships, corporate social responsibility projects, as Acropolis ambassadors as preparation for their next leadership career role.
Choice:  – Our ecosystem & Network  will target and identify  Career Track, and the organizations that share their personal and professional values. Specifically, will leverage ecosystem to source for their career opportunities, respectively to provide students what they need in order to plan their careers to match their personal vision and dream of becoming thought leaders for the next decade and beyond.The Career Development Center’s mission is to foster excellence in career development, and preparation for all students.  It will promote strong partnerships with employers so that current students as well as the alumni can benefit from possible emerging job opportunities.Professionalism combined with specific skills set are high in demand in the competitive global job market. I hope that from the Career Development Center, we can provide the support necessary for the individual success of all our students.
A  comprehensive list of functions carried out by the Career Development Cell is mentioned below.
  • The Cell assists students in understanding their strengths and interests and helps them in identifying career goals and to plan the career in such a way that it integrates one’s strengths, values and hobbies.
  • The students are helped in choosing the right career option or the appropriate course to one’s aptitude. The students are made aware about the scope of a course or a career that one is pursuing or planning to pursue in India or abroad.
  • Students are encouraged and helped in their pursuit of higher studies. Relevant information regarding higher studies in India and abroad has been collated by the Cell and is available to the students by linkage  with US consulate general & Other similar bodies
  • The CDC lends a lot of focus on leadership development, entrepreneurship, strengthened decision-making capacities and teamwork.
  • The flexible course schedule is designed with the purpose of accommodating professional, personal and family commitments.
  • The students are provided with the opportunity to develop professional relationships with the business community through strong network & links with the help of IIPC.
  • The student society plays a proactive role by organizing entrepreneurial & social events, professional development events, and other activities throughout the academic year.
The Cell organizes Seminars, Workshops towards development of Soft Skill, organizing Industrial Training and Project Work for the students.
The main emphases of the Career Development Cell is the processes for career development – career awareness, career exploration, career preparation, and work experience. This Cell will also provide information and resources to help students make career decisions.
Our purpose is to expose the students to options that best fit their individual career needs.


The Central Placement Cell of Acropolis was setup in 2007. Since then the cell has grown by leaps and bounds ,The department functions under leadership of Group Director Prof Atul N Bharat a renowned personality in the field of Campus Recruitments in the state of M.P serving more than decades for the students campus placements and had created a bench mark in his arena with a young dynamic expert team of Mr. Arpit Shrivastava – Manager Training & Placement, Mr. Rajesh Tyagi – Head Placements and  Mr. Amit Shrivastava – Manager Training.
Since from its inception time, it has been able to convince the top corporate houses & Multi-National companies for the recruitment of the graduating students in engineering Pharmacy BBA BCA MBA & MCA  from the Acropolis Group campuses .
The Institute conducts rigorous Pre-Placement Training Programmes for the B. Tech, MCA, M. Tech, MBA and PGDM students to make them Industry-ready throughout the academic year.
The Institute has partnered with firms to provide the best platforms in the industry to our students. We have partnered with mettl for online assessments. The Institute has tied-up with learning centers & bodies, to improve the students’ communication & soft skills. The Institute have also in-house training experts, to train the students in Aptitude, Critical Reasoning, Spoken English, Group Discussions, Technical and HR Interview skills. The faculty members of CDC from varied streams are conducting in-house pre-placement training programmes consists of written tests and personal interviews. The already placed graduating students, who are acting as placement volunteers, regularly conducts written tests both on General Aptitude & Technical know-how, Group Discussions & Personal Interviews for the juniors at college campus.


IIPC thrust area is Industry Academia Interaction (IAI) an initiative of Technocracy and a platform to promote and coordinate research and development by students through student-industry interaction giving students freedom and opportunities to work upon diverse areas of business, technology and existing industrial and national problems as well as pursue their own ideas So as to become innovators. The initiative functions under the guidance of Group Director CDC with IIPC team Ms Anupama Modi Group Head – Entrepreneurship Cell. Getting hold of fresh and innovative ideas of budding engineers and availing economical R&D at the same time, would be a boon for the industry. Students, too, would immensely benefit in terms of skill building, work experience and freedom, thus, helping them choose their career better. Thus, creating a win-win situation at both the ends of industry & academia.
IIPC cell also conducts Industry-Campus partnership programmes, to bridge the gap between the academics and the Industry.


To promote streak of entrepreneurship among management & engineering graduates and to help the future entrepreneurs in enhancing their knowledge and skills, Centre for Entrepreneurship was established SINCE 2008 .  The Centre seeks to impart skills as well as act as a catalyst and incubator for entrepreneurial activities.   The centre has established strategic linkages with EDI Ahmedabad The Indus Entrepreneurs, (TiE) , ISOEL and National Entrepreneurship Network, Bangalore (NEN) and also is in the process of establishing working relationship with various other national and international organizations.
E Cell is a student driven and faculty guided entrepreneurship cell at Acropolis group under leadership of Ms Anupama Modi  . The mission of cell is to facilitate the education and development of students seeking to capitalize on their entrepreneurial spirit. We strive to foster innovation and creativity and support the students in their professional development.


In consonance with the above, Cell has the following goals:
  • To disseminate knowledge and insights in entrepreneurial theory and practice through lectures activitiesand workshops.
  • To collaborate with similar bodies in other B-schools & technology institutes to accomplish the objectives.
  • To seek tie-ups with Non-profit Entrepreneurial organizations connecting ecell  to global network of entrepreneurs.
  • To create a strong network of successful entrepreneurs who would like to guide budding entrepreneurs.
  • Starting Innovation incubation center
  • Starting Campus Companies
  • Ecosystem for early stage entrepreneurs “ STARTUPS”
Over the years, E cell has been carrying out various activities to encourage entrepreneurial skills amongst the students. It works in close collaboration with EDC (Entrepreneurship Development Cell) supported by DST (Department of Science and Technology, GOI), DST, EDI, CII,NEN  etc


The T & D Cell takes this trust to heart. Through self-discovery, career investigation, professional skills development, coaching sessions, and numerous resources, we provide students with opportunities and steps toward a purposeful and fulfilling career & be aware of the ideal career planning timeline for college students and check in with our student to see how they are progressing.
We are grateful for the privilege of getting to know our student and hope our relationship starts early in his or her academic career. Our greatest reward is watching and contributing to their professional development as they get ready to make a difference in our world.
T&D closely works for the employability skill development of the students in Acropolis group which comprises experts of Aptitude, Soft Skill, and Language efficiency development trainers

Our career development programme comprises two main drivers:

  • Personal Development
Self-Awareness and Career Direction – Providing an increased awareness of personal preference, values, aspirations, and career choices.
Networking & Culturalisation – Developing interpersonal sensitivity, confidence and ability to lead, motivate and work with different streams.
Academic Asset Acquisition – Acquiring necessary academic prowess for certain career tracks specialization with the help of Technical skill development cell.
  • Professional Charting & Enhancement
Sector Leverage & Interconnectivity – Engaging Alumni and Business Leaders to enhance student standing in the Sector eco-system.
Continual Knowledge & Competency Acquisition – Developing a Brand Model for Leadership Success.
Increasing Professional Value & Career Mapping – Actively engage with Headhunters/Recruitment Firms throughout student’s career to map and build their ROI value to organizations at key points in their career.