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Poster and Collage Competition Saturday, August 27, 2016

Kaizen Club   – Poster & Collage Competition

Aarohan 2016

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Poster & Collage Competition, an event of Kaizen Club had been organized in the institute on August 27th, 11-1:30pm, as a part of induction program Aarohan 2016.    In order to sensitize the newcomers and acquaint them with the club and the club members this mega event was organized.

The theme of the poster competition was decided as ‘Make in India’ keeping in mind its cogency and relevance in the present scenario. The students were divided into 12 groups, with six members each,   for this activity. Each group was given material for collage, colors and chart paper from the club and was asked to complete the poster cum collage in 1.5 hours.  Every group was associated with a senior student from semester 3 to mentor them and guide them. The participants displayed great ideas and creativity on the canvas. It was delight to see the immense potential of youngsters.

The competition was judged by the jury. The jury comprised of Dr. Vishal Geete and Prof. Naman Shrivastava, both faculty members of Acropolis Faculty of Management & Research, Indore. The posters were evaluated by the jury on-   concept, innovativeness, material used, presentation and neatness.  The group mentored by Ravi Morya (sem 3) grabbed the runner up position while the first position unbeatably, was secured by the group mentored by Naman Mundra (sem 3).The students of the runner up and the winner team were given certificates to encourage  their creativity. They were happy to receive their first ever certificates from the Kaizen Club. The mentor students and volunteer of Kaizen Club were also given certificates for organizing the event under the aegis of club.

To add on to this, the Kaizen Club members also put up a display of the Operations model worked up by the Operation specialization students in the lobby area.  It was open the whole day for the freshers to see. As expected, the display caught the attention of the new comers and they showed a lot of eagerness and inquisitivity to know about them.

Thus the first day of Kaizen calendar for the semester I students started on a creative   note   and winded on an intriguing high, justifying the  punch line ‘Out of box thinking’.


                                                                               Prof.  Juhi Kamakoty

                                                                                Kaizen Club Coordinator

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