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Poster & Collage Competition on August 29, 2018

Department               –                       MBA (AFMR)

Name of Event           –                       Aarohan 2018

Date of Event              –                     29/08/2018 (Wednesday, 9:00-11:00 am)

Objective of Event      –                    Induction of new comers batch 2018-20

Dignitaries Present                 –

Coordinator (s)/Convener                – Prof. Juhi Kamakoty       (Coordinator )


Details of Participants: –                   – Sem 1 students

Write up giving highlights (not exceeding 200 words)-


Poster & Collage Competition, an event under the aegis of Aarohan 2018 had been organized in the institute in order to sensitize the newcomers and acquaint them with the institutes’ culture and practices. The event was also  an attempt to identify the different potential and creative skills in the new batch.

The theme of the Poster & Collage competition was ‘Innovation & Technology’, keeping in mind its cogency and relevance in the present scenario. There were 11 participants- 5 solo and 6 groups.   The groups  were given a  white sheet, a theme and  and 2 hours to put their ideas in color.  The young talents displayed great ideas and creativity on the canvas. It was delight to see the immense potential of youngsters.

The competition was judged by Dr Manish Mittal and Prof Vikas Jain. The posters were evaluated by the jury on-   concept, innovativeness, material used, presentation and neatness. The winners  were  given certificates.

IMG_20180829_094412 IMG_20180829_094422 IMG_20180829_094446 IMG_20180829_094502 IMG_20180829_094508 IMG_20180829_111911

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