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PULSE –Symphony of Life ( Wed. Nov 4, 2015)

PULSE –Symphony of Life ( Wed. Nov 4, 2015)
Acropolis Management Institute strongly believes that a prosperous nation can be built by educated and healthy youth. While we take care of the education part, we need  health   experts to promote health consciousness in our youngsters. ‘PULSE’ is our novel endeavor to promote health awareness in youth so that  it grows and stays healthy longer. On November 4, Wednesday, 2015 under the banner of PULSE, Expert talks of various renowned medical experts   of the town were  organized.
 PULSE  came into life  with lamp lighting  in the sublime presence of the medical veterans, management, faculty members and students. In order to give a  complete offering to the audience in terms of promoting health of body, mind and soul , an eclectic  bouquet  comprising of very renowned, specialist  Doctors from various streams were invited to address the students.   Thus PULSE witnessed the noble presence of Dr. Sanjay Londhe, Dr. Virendra.S. Pal, Dr. Arun Agarwal and Dr. Anil Bharani.
Dr. Sanjay Londhe (Meditation and Yoga  specialist) spoke on the importance of  meditation and yoga for healthy life.  It not only promotes a healthy body but also makes your mind healthy. Given to the stress of work/ studies and crazy deadlines, it becomes all the more important for people to connect with themselves through yoga and meditation. It inculcates a sense of discipline in the individual and relaxes his mind by cutting it from the outer world and  connecting with inner self . The audience were lead into meditation trance and and were lead back to consciousness with the chanting of OM to give them a feel of meditation.   Not only this, Dr.Sanjay Londhe also shed light on music therapy as yet another form of healing.
Dr. Virendra Pal (Psychologist) addressed the Psychological issues in college  students.  In his engrossing discourse he touched upon the various challenges, problems and trials faced by the students at this age. The veteran doctor not only guided the students to face such problems but also counseled them on how one can identify anxiety, panic attacks  and deprsession bouts. He also touched on sensitive issues like relationships, heartbreaks, stage fear; fear of under performance in the youngsters. Suicide and situations leading to suicide were also discussed  at length with the students The doctor emphasized that  people should not be apprehensive about  availing  counseling and psychiatric help. Timely intervention can  definitely be very helpful.
Dr. Arun Agarwal (Cancer Specialist)  threw light on the much dreaded disease , Cancer. The so called modern life style, convenience  gadgets,  are,   to a very  large extent the reason behind growing statistics of this disease.  He suggested various vital changes in the life style and also the food habits to increase the bodies immunity towards cancer. Not only this, he also emphasized that being aware of the  potential disease and  taking preventive care from an early age  leads to longetivity. Simple life style , healthy eating, regular work outs and due relaxation is the simple mantra for long and healthty life.
Dr. Anil Bharani  (Cardiologist)  educated the young crowd on the perpetual pumping unit that never stops from your first breath to your last breath. He said that stress , sedentary life style , junk food, alcoholism  are the culprits behind the increasing cardiac fatalities.   Cardiac disease may strike at any age , it can happen to kids, to youngsters and  to  grown ups.   However people who are obese,  diabetic or hypertensive are more susceptible to  cardiac disease. Avoiding fatty food, eating healthy food , walking and doing physical work keeps the body as well as heart  lean and fit.  Youngsters should also remember that any kind of alcoholism is not at all good for health. They should abstain from it to have a heathy life.
PULSE was interspersed   with interactive session between the experts and the audience. There were various informative, revealing moments.  The audience left with  an informative lists of Do’s and Don’t’s for a healthy life.

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