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“QUIZ COMPETITION” on January 27, 2022

Department: Acropolis Faculty Of management

Date of Event: Jan-27th, 2022

Time of Event: 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Venue: Auditorium hall (MBA Department)

Convener/Coordinator: Prof. Shilpi Sukhani

Audience Profile: 5 Faculty members and 179 students of MBA Department.

Judges – Prof. Arnav Choudhary and Prof. Payal Sharma

Anchor- Suyoga Bhalerao

Co-Anchors- Pratham Arya and Alankriti Rathore

Volunteers- Mohit Parashar, Aman Dubey, Paridhi Jain, Ruchi Bhangdia, Palak Jain, Garima Hassani, MD Wasil Umar, Lavesh Kumar Sarf.

Objective: Assessment of students knowledge about INNOVATION and ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

The “Quiz Competition” organized by IIC of AFMR for MBA 1st year Students.

Each team were made from each sections and they participated in this quiz to evaluate their knowledge about innovation and entrepreneurship. Six teams participated and showed their enthusiasm towards the competition . The primary objective of this activity is to know how much students are aware towards innovation and entrepreneurship. It was great to see that students has knowledge about it . It was such a great activity and appreciated by the audience.

 Name of Winning Team-


Arya Kashyap, Yash Gupta, Swapnil Gupta, Mahak Raghuvanshi, Aman Shukla

Learning Outcomes: Key takeaways of the session were:

  1. Encourages student to look beyond the textual knowledge.
  2. Aiding in team building process.

Report Prepared by:  Paridhi Jain (Student of MBA 1st year)

IMG-20220127-WA0028 (1) IMG-20220127-WA0030 quiz

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