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Recyclothon 2022: Kaizen Activity in Aarohan (02/11/2022)

DepartmentMBA (AFMR)
Name of EventRecyclothon 2022(Kaizen Activity in Aarohan )
Date of EventNovember 2, 2022
Objective of EventTo promote out of box thinking  by recycling waste into utility                                                                          
Coordinator (s)/ConvenerProf Juhi Kamakoty (Coordinator Kaizen Club)
Details of Participants 300 (MBA  Students Sem 1)


Recyclothon 2022 activity was conducted by Kaizen club in Aarohan 2022 to sensitize the students about Kaizen club and  build there interest in Operations /Production management. Since the students where  new comers in to business education, the activity was designed in such a way so as to delineate the link between idea – value – business. The students were divided into groups of 8  members each . Each group was given waste raw material ( old newspaper), they had to recycle it into a products/ utilities that had value. The value was accorded to each and every utility by the product auditors (Faculty members) based on the robustmess of design . The bill of material was also to be submitted by the students  along with the products. The winner team was decided on the basis of robustness of design.  The students displayed immense creativity in 60 minutes and recycled  the passive newspaper  waste  to – bridges of specified dimensions. The students also had to give a three point write up on learnings from the activity just to consciously register it.

The activity has been conceptualized and designed  by Prof Juhi Kamakoty  and it had been jointly executed along with Prof Vikas Jain.  A student volunteer  team of about 20 students  along with  Mustafa  Attari (Kaizen student representative ) worked in  sync to smoothly conduct the activity.

Prepared by : Juhi Kamakoty (Coordinaor Kaizen Club)

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