Saamna: Unfolding the Strength of Women: 31-1 Feb 2013

Saamna: Unfolding the Strength of Women’ two-day workshop at
 Acropolis Institute
Indore, February 01, 2013: After the Delhi incident, it is necessary to empower the women by providing the knowledge of self-defense and legal Aspects. Women Cell of Acropolis group, Indore in association with MP Police has started an initiative to strengthen the women of Acropolis by making them aware about various aspects of protection. First Step towards this goal is aworkshop “Saamna: Unfolding the Strength of Women”, organized on 31 Jan-1 Feb 2013. This two-day workshop covered not only self defense but also legal and emotional aspects.
 “The power is in the hands of women”, speaking on the subject ‘Aparajita: Psychological aspects’ on the second day of workshop, Dr. Smita Agrawal, Consultant & Psychiatrist emphasized on different types of violence, abuse, social discrimination and harassment which are faced by women. She also discussed the acts of violence and why they happen. The psychological aspects of both the victim and the criminal were explained by her. The violence such as domestic, physical, verbal, sexual and its effects, trauma, fears, anxiety which women undergo during the period were covered by her in detail. She also presented many solutions, prevention techniques and recommendations which are to be followed by women after any unfortunate incident.
Speaking on the same subject, Ms. Gitendra Chabbra, Psychologist requested everyone to accept a victimized women rather than criticizing her. She said, “Women has the sense of judging wrong intentions, thus, she must take advantage of this extraordinary sense.”
During the second session of the program Mr. Vinay Paul, ASP, Indore Police while addressing all the girl students and faculties, he cited many live examples of different cases to make the audience aware of them. He also explained the application of ‘Citizen Cop’ started by Indore Police for Android mobile users wherein anyone can download the application and file their complaint.
Another honorable guest Ms. Manisha Pathak, SP, Police Training College, Indore appreciated Acropolis Institute for conducting the program. She said, “Women should develop their observation skills, so that support group could be built. She should be healthy enough to face any type of mental and physical problems.”
The welcome address was presented by CEO of Acropolis Institute, Prof. MK Dube. The program was marked by the presence of Dr. MD Agrawal (Director, AITR), all the female faculties and girls studying in Acropolis group. The program was directed by Dr. Shilpa Bhalerao (HOD-MCA) and Dr. Mona Nagar (Principal, AIPER). The program was coordinated by Acropolis students. Vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Mona Nagar.
Program Activities held on first day of workshop:
During the first session on the first day, 31 January, 2013 of the workshop the speakers shared their views on the subject‘Arundhati: A step towards self defense for women’. Ms. Anita Doble, Head, We Care for you, Indore shared emergency helpline numbers on which one can contact and file their complaint. One can call on 0731-2522111 or send an SMS on 7389011100 or call on control room number 0731-2522500/01 or mail their complain online on or call on  state level number 1090 wherein we are available 24X7 to help the women in need.
Harish Jamle and his team from District Sports Office presented various self-defense techniques. They displayed various useful kicking and punching techniques.
The subject of the second session on the first day of the workshop was ‘Jagrati: Legal aspects’ where Legal Advisor, Mohd. Akram Shaikh shared legal concepts amongst everyone. Throwing light on the subject ‘Offence against women’  Mr. Shaikh shared various types of crimes and their reasons to occur.
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