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Seminar on Equity Valuation (Company Valuation)

Department               –           MBA

Name of Event           –           Seminar on “Equity Valuation (Company Valuation) – A                     Gateway to Investment Banking & Portfolio Management Services & Career opportunities in Finance”

Date of Event               –         Tuesday, 24th September, 2019

Objective of Event     –          Role of investment banks at the time of issue of equity share, how   to find intrinsic value of the share and career opportunities of MBA students in financial market

Details of Guests with Designation  –  Mr. Aman Kumar Mourya

Manager: Business Development

finOptions Institute of Financial Studies Pvt. Ltd.

Dignitaries Present                 –  Principal & Faculty members of MBA

Coordinator (s)/Convener    -Dr. Pooja Talreja (Coordinator Finance Club) and CA. Amit                      Shah (Faculty member)

Details of Participants           –           MBA 1st and 3rd Semester Students

Achievements (if any)           –


Write up giving highlights

The whole system of stock markets is based upon the idea of equity valuation. The stock markets have a wide variety of stocks on offer, whose perceived market value changed every minute because of the change in information that the market receives on a real time basis.

Equity valuation therefore is the backbone of the modern financial system. It enables companies with sound business models to command a premium in the market. On the other hand, it ensures that companies whose fundamentals are weak witness a drop in their valuation. The art and science of equity valuation therefore enables the modern economic system to efficiently allocate scare capital resources amongst various market participants.

At Acropolis (North Campus) we practice to call experts to throw light on various fields in different discipline.


A seminar was organized on “Equity Valuation (Company Valuation) – A Gateway to Investment Banking & Portfolio Management Services & Career opportunities in Finance” for the MBA students by Dr. Pooja Talreja, as a coordinator of Finance Club and faculty member CA. Amit Shah. The resource person for the event was Mr. Aman Kumar Mourya, Manager: Business Development, finOptions Institute of Financial Studies Pvt. Ltd.


Mr Mourya enlightened the students on the following important points :

Brief overview of financial sector and securities under it, linking it with the equity market.

  Current economic scenario and the measures taken by government.

 Importance of equity valuation form investor as well as company’s perspective

  Technicalities of Fundamental Analysis and technical analysis


He also focused on Forecasting skills, Proficiency in: Ms excel, Ms office, Power point Presentation and communication skills, etc. The students were enabled to clarify their doubts and queries about various careers. The session was very beneficial to the aspiring students and was appreciated by all.

Prepared by (Name)                           Dr. Pooja Talreja

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