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Session on Design thinking

Department                –           MBA (AFMR)

Name of Event           –           Session on Design thinking

Date of Event              –         April 28, 2017

Objective of Event     –           Enable students to find opportunities in persisting                                                                     problems & developing creative ideas around the problems.

Dignitaries Present    –            Dr. Manish Mittal, Mr. Yash Jain, Ms. Purvee Mishra

Coordinator (s)/Convener–   Prof. Altmash Malik, Faculty Leader, E Cell MBA

Details of Participants –        MBA 1st Year Students actively participated


E Cell Club organized an activity on Design thinking. Design Thinking is a creative but disciplined approach to the process of understanding a problem from the perspective of the end user. With that understanding in mind, students can generate new ideas to solve the problem, prototype, test, and iterate for maximum benefit. Session was taken by Mr. Yash jain and Ms. Purvee Mishra. Both the trainers explained the 5 modes of design thinking that is Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test, after that 5 items were given to the students and they had to redesign one product in very innovative approach. Students used their creativity skills and designed some amazing products. 17 teams have been participated in the design thinking competition and out of that best 7 teams have been selected by Ms. Purvee Mishra.

AFMR Deisgn Thinking Activity

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