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Session on Media Industry and Branding Insights on April 24, 2021

Activity Name: Marketing & Branding session.

Objective: To create awareness about Media Industry and Branding.

Department: Faculty of Marketing

Date of event: 24/04/2021

Time of event: 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Venue: Google meet.

Coordinator: Prof. Snehal Phatak.

Audience profile: 2 faculty members and 72 students of MBA department.


Faculty of Marketing, Acropolis Faculty of Management and Research (AFMR), organized an online session on “Media Industry and Branding Insights” by Ms. Apoorva Tatke for all students of the MBA Department. She is an MBA and a Brand solution professional working as an Assistant Manager-Brand Solutions with Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, Mumbai. She has 3 years of experience in assisting brands across sectors, client servicing and providing end to end brand solution, branded content for TV Campaigns on Zee Network.

Ms. Apoorva started her session by explaining the process of Branding and what is her role as a Branding professional. She explained the different forms of Branding with images and videos. She was involved in the actual creation of a few of the advertisement examples (Branding) shared by her. She highlighted various key points such as:

  • THE KEY MATRIX used by companies in deciding on the promotional programs
  • How the New Normal has changed the media industry in the last year
  • Performance of different forms of media – Traditional vs Digital
  • Different forms of Branding – Specially curated content branding, Pause and play, In film branding, Product placement, Co-branding vignettes
  • Branding for startups

 Learning Outcomes: The session:

  • Provided exposure to students about Media Industry
  • Different ways of Branding and the road ahead.

Report prepared by:

Abhishek Chandel, Student of MBA(2nd sem.)



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