Core Members

EDC – Core Members :
The ED Cell of Acropolis Institute is looked after by the trained faculties. The Members of the Cell are:
Acropolis Group – Entrepreneurship Cell
S.No. Name Designation Tel. No. Email ID
1 Prof. Atul N Bharat Chairperson – Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation 0731-4730022 (O), 9893540400 (M)
2 Ms. Anupama Modi Group Head – Entrepreneurship Cell 0731-4730129 (O), 9755558877 (M)
3 Dr. Deepti Verma Faculty Leader – Acropolis Technical Campus 0731-2581025 (O)
4 Mrs. Purvee Mishra Joshi Group Coordinator- Intellectual Property Protection Cell 0731-4730021 (O), 9893380448 (M)
ECell Acropolis Team 2015 -16