Why TSDC Delete

  • Cost Effective
TSDC is a step forward towards helping students to identify their potentials and groom their technical and interpersonal skills, thereby, becoming competitive with current market needs. TSDC offers courses on highly discounted rates, the small amount of fees (if sometimes) chargeable is only to meet certain external expenses or certification costs. Hence, as a student at TSDC yousave big costs that would have otherwise incurred to do the same course(s) from other commercial or professional institutes.
  • Time Saving
Since TSDC is a part of Acropolis (and within the college campus), students doing courses save lot of time and efforts that they might have wasted in commuting from college to coaching and return, moreover, the schedules of TSDC courses are planned minimizing students’ academic loss or lecture miss.
  • Expert Guidance
TSDC offer expert guidance under one roof, you as a student of Acropolis college have a privilege of getting to know and hear from industry experts directly before entering the cut-throat market competition.
  • Industry Visits
TSDC frequently conducts educational tours and industry visits, the students through these tours are made aware of latest trends in the industry. Solid conceptual background through classroom lectures and their practical implementations through frequent educational tours to industries is a big value addition to student’s employability.
  • Additional Qualification with your Degree
Looking at today’s competitive world, having vendor certifications with the basic degree enhances knowledge, make students more practical oriented and adds to the employability of the student.