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Student visit to Tinkering Lab of EC department of AITR

Department: MBA

Event: Student visit to Tinkering Lab of EC department of Acropolis Institute of Technology & Research, Indore (AITR)

Date of Event: Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Time of Event: 3 slots of 1 hour each

Venue: Room no 162, Innovation and Incubation Centre, AITR

Resource Person: Mr. Imran Baig (Superintendent of Innovation and Incubation Centre, AITR

Facilitated by: Dr. Uday Bhanu Singh Chandrawat, Professor, HOD ECE, Dean student affairs & Research, Officer I/C (AITR)

Convener/Coordinator: Prof. Snehal Phatak

Audience Profile: 1 faculty member and 136 Students of Sem 1 of MBA Department.


Institution’s Innovation Council of Acropolis Faculty of Management and Research (AFMR), Indore organized a student visit to the Tinkering Lab (Innovation and Incubation Centre) of Electronics and Communication Department of AITR. Resource person, Mr. Imran Baig, articulated his story of about his deep interest in building Robots. He shared the information about successful installation of a robot at Indore Airport earlier this year. He emphasized on the quest for staying abreast with the new technologies, by every individual/citizen irrespective of their field of work. This will prevent a person from becoming a servant or getting addicted to technology as has happened with the smart phones. He stressed upon the Braindrain that is happening with the Indian youth. Despite having the required intelligence, talent and creativity, Integrated circuits and chips are being imported rather than being produced indigenously. He thinks that Indian education system should also give prime importance to Self study. For building a robot, it is necessary to have a passionate interest in this field, without having any filters of not learning new things. He also has a patent to his credit. He demonstrated a device that can control the intensity of light that can be used in household electric and electronic appliances to save energy. He also demonstrated a small robot that moves after sensing a nearby object. He is also working upon an electric car which might be launched in the future.  The students were very curious to know about the minimum time required in building a robot. They A tinkering lab, therefore refers to space where the kids and teenagers can experiment with, learn, develop and conceptualize different ideas.In his closing remarks, he said that one should not get disheartened by failures and be perseverant in whatever one chooses to do in his life.


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Resilience is the key to success.
  2. Indian education system should focus self realization and self study.
  3. One should embrace new technologies without any filters.


Report Prepared by:

Prof. Snehal Phatak, Convener IIC (AFMR)

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