Supra Sae India 2012

Team Superveloce departed for Noida

Indore, September 05, 2012: Baha’s advanced version of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) ‘SUPRA SAE INDIA 2012’ will see the participation of two teams from Indore, one of them is Team Superveloce of Acropolis Institute of Technology & Research (AITR), Indore. 86 teams from the country will participate in this attractive racing competition at Buddha International Circuit, Formula 1 track situated in Greater Noida. This will be the glorious event in which Team Superveloce will make the city proud in the competition commencing from September 06 to 09, 2012.

Team Superveloce of Acropolis:

Worth mentioning Team Superveloce comprises of 25 members with their captain Sneh Hethwal. Car has been manufactured under the guidance of Prof. R.B.Purohit (HOD-Mechanical) and Prof. Deepak Gautam (Faculty-Mechanical). Car has been designed according to the convenience of the driver. Disk brake system has been applied to all four wheels in the car. There are 5 seat belts instead of 2 for the security of driver. The car also has fire extinguisher arrangement. To prevent car from being damage, impact system has been embedded. Other innovations have also been done by the team members which surely help them to win the competition.
This race is a subject of delight for the Indore division. This event will be important for engineering students as HR meet would be organized right after the competition wherein the officials from renowned companies from the world would recruit them.


SUPRA started form Chennai in year 2010. First year only virtual events were organized. In year 2011 events on tracks were organized. Now, both virtual and manual events are organized.
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