“THE VISION”- Painting , Photography and Art Exhibition

Art work of pupils at YAVNIKA hobby club, AITR North campus won high praises from a number of exhibition visitors when it was inaugurated on October 29, 2013 by our faculty members and management, the grand art exhibition being given the name – “THE VISION”.
The visitors, faculty members and management spent the morning and noon at the college, studying the works on display and made perceptions on a few exceptional pieces. Students of B.E. I to IV year, B.Com, BBA, Pharmacy including faculty members submitted their piece of art which included sketches, paintings, sceneries, frames and especially photographs.
The exhibition was held in the Yavnika Hobby Club hall and spawned the subjects such as “Nature”, “Culture” and “Indian Woman”. Thus the displays were put up in an artistic way which was thematically designed for the same. The exhibition was appreciated by the CEO, Chairman, Vice- Chairman Principal, Director, HODs of all the departments, faculty members, top management of college and students for whom the exhibition was kept open from October 29, 2013 to November 11, 2013. They were all delighted and praised and complimented the hard and excellent work of all the participants.
Once again, the students shone this year with a high standard of achievement. Outstanding work was produced and the participants surprised all with their inventiveness and imaginative response and a determination to succeed.
The grand success of “THE VISION” wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of the Secretary of YHC, Prof. Gaurav Chaitanya; and student post holders Mahesh Yadav, Tanuj Mishra; Tanya Sanghvi and last but not the least, the student co-ordinators.
One can, thus, conclude from this exhibition that to make an artist, the necessary tool is not just a skill, it’s the willingness to explore newer frontiers of imagination.
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