Three Day Management Fest ‘ENIGMA 2013’ inaugurated at Acropolis Institute

Three Day Management Fest ‘ENIGMA 2013’ inaugurated at Acropolis Institute
Indore, January 22, 2013: “The new technology coupled with innovation brings all round success to the organization. These innovations are demanded by the corporate in today’s scenario” this is what has transpired by Chief Guest Dr. R. S. Jain, Managing Director, Indore Tools Limited while giving his insights on first day of Fourth Annual Management Fest ‘ENIGMA 2013’organized by Acropolis Business School, Indore. Dr. Jain congratulated the institute for organizing such event.
The director of host institution Dr. Sumer Singh Yadav gave preface about Enigma, its need, importance, contents and overall objectives of “Learning by doing”. The event coordinator Prof. Priyanka Mokshamar threw light upon the history of Enigma and the events thereon. Chairman Acropolis Mr. Gaurav Sojatia appreciated the efforts of MBA students for Enigma. Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Jitendra Sharma.
Events hosted on Day 1:
Business Plan was the first event of Enigma followed by presentation, Sudoku, extempore, photography and ad mad show. More than 300 students from 35 business schools like- IMS, IIPS, Prestige, IPS Academy, Shri Vaishnav Institute, Medicaps, Sapient, LNCT, Patel College, Jaipuria, Core Business School, CHIMC, Modern college, School of Economics, EMRC-DAVV and Star college are participating in Enigma with full zeal.
The three-day exuberant festival Enigma is aimed at discovering the hidden talents of students across the state. There will be 18 events in three days- Business Plan, Kaizen, Sudoku, Extempore, Ad mad show, Photography, Documentary making, Management quiz, presentation, Treasure Hunt, Shoe painting, Skit, Antakshari, Dance competition, Singing and Model Hunt. The first two days are having presentation based events. The third day Viraasat has been positioned as a unique cultural event, where the theme was ‘fusion of centuries’.
The response of various participants has been encouraging for all the events. Enigma-13 has been sponsored by Indore Central, Punjab Engineering, Maniram Jewelers, Talwalkars, VLCC, Bonanza, Chocolate Room, Cosmopolitan, Deepak Garg Associates, Helios Watch Store, Diners zone, ND Tattoo Studio, O2 disc & lounge, Oakaz café lounge, and Scissors salon.Chief Guest, Dr RS Jain Lightening of Lamp Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 5 Photo 7