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Visit to Aastha Vrudh Aashram June 2016

Students from HR Club –Sanmarg went on a visit to Aastha Vrudh Aashram on June 20; 2016. Students who were wondering what it would be like to visit an oldage home were welcomed by friendly, beautiful smiles who showed eagerness to meet and interact with them. To break the monotony of their lives, students presented few songs. All of them had practiced the old songs and dedicated these songs to the members of the home. They also sang devotional songs. Even the oldage people joined in the songs and each one of them had a smile on their face as they were reminded of probably all the golden memories and old times. Students sat in groups to listen to what they had to say interacted with them and distributed biscuits, fruits and butter milk to them. Listening to their stories, students realized the value of their grandparents and the tenderness with which they need to take care of them. The joy that radiated from the old, fragile but experienced people touched the students deep down. The visit really moved them and reminded of the reality of what true life is. The visit was organized by the HR Club co-ordinator Dr Rajeshwari Gwal.



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