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Waste Management in India – Mr. Kamran Ahmed (11 April 2016)

Report on Expert Talk:  Waste Management in India
Date : 11/4/2016            Time: 11:30- 12:30 pm
To churn out  the best quality humanware  that befits the industry, academia need to centrifuge with industry. Academia establishes theories, Industry propagates practices. To  ingrain  sound theory and   contemporary practices in the students , education  cannot be restricted to  the four walls of classroom. Either students go to the industry or the industry comes to the students. At Acropolis (North Campus) we practice both in the form of industrial visits and expert talk.
An expert talk had been orgainized for MBA on ‘ Waste Management in India’.  The resource person for this talk was Mr. Kamran Ahmed , Manager Sales , Geocycle ACC limited.  The learned speaker sensitized our MBA students on the herculean problems of waste disposal and also the ill effects of improper waste disposal.  He highlighted the need for taking up this problem at a macro level and involving all stakeholders in it. Mr Kamran also bought forth the immense business opportunity that lies unexplored in this area. He encouraged the students to come forward  and make a career in this line, as there is a huge deficit of well educated, skilled and trained human ware in this domain.
The speaker also narrated the working of Geocycle brand and how it came up to be the world’s topmost brand in waste management solution. The session was engrossing and interactive, punctuated with discussion and queries.

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