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Webinar – Changing trends in Human Resource Management on June 7, 2021

Department           : Acropolis Faculty of Management & Research

Name of the event: Webinar – Changing trends in Human Resource Management

Objective of the event: To look ahead for a glimpse of which HR trends will continue to drive transformation and which new trends are emerging to shape the future of work post covid.

Date                            : 07/06/2021

Day                             : Monday

Time                            : 11:00 am to 12:00 am

Details of guest           : Dr Pooja Vyas (Manager HR and Admin , BioUrja India Infra Pvt Ltd)

Venue                          : Google Meet

Organizer                    : Dr. Rajeshwari Gwal

Beneficiaries               : MBA students 2nd and 4th Semester

Total Participants        : 100 (MBA Semester 2 & 4)

Highlights of the Event

The last decade brought an avalanche of change to the HR industry-the rise of artificial intelligence, the growth of the gig economy, the increased push towards greater diversity and, most recently& currently, a global pandemic that has altered the reality of millions and redefined where and how work gets done. That begs the question, what’s in store for the future of the industry?

A webinar was organized on the topic ‘Changing trends in Human Resource Management’ for the MBA students by Dr Rajeshwari Gwal ,under the aegis of HR Club Sanmarg.The resource person for the event was Dr Pooja Vyas – Manager HR and Admin , BioUrja India Infra Pvt Ltd.

The 60 minute session covered the various details on HR Challenges post covid related to Government rules and regulations, virtual hiring, changes in the company rules due to covid, employee training, compensation related changes, employee retention, employee health and well being, managing remote work, employee engagement, employer’s responsibilities and how a company should plan and support returning of employees post covid . She also stressed upon how vital is the planning and sharing the plan of return of employees with the entire staff and where possible putting plans into writing .

It was an interactive session with 100 students attended and many got their queries solved.

Prepared by: Dr Rajeshwari Gwal

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