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Webinar on Stock Market Nuances on May 10, 2021

  1. Institute :                                Acropolis Faculty of Management and Research
  2. Name of the Event :                Webinar on Stock Market Nuances
  3. Date of the Event :                10th May 2021 from 4:00-5:30 PM
  4. Platform:                                 Zoom
  5. Objective of the Event:          First hand grasp of Stock Market Nuances
  6. Coordinator of the Event:       Prof Sandeep Singh
  7. Details of the Participants:      MBA Students with a focus on students who are pursuing
  8. GOT Certification
  9. Number of Participants:          112
  10. Guest Speaker:                        Shri Harsha (Macro Economic Expert and Certified Stock
  11. Market Analyst)
  12. Highlight of the Webinar:

Speaker started with the Case study of an NRI from USA and want to get into Food Industry and need a capital of Rs 8 Lac. The question is how should he arrange for the capital? What are the options he has? He discusses the initially entrepreneur should invite participation from venture capitalist to start up the business. Later when it comes to expansions then he can think of moving to IPO. Later he discusses what should be the Share Price if the face value of the share is 1 lac per share? Should he be pricing Premium of share as the Tangible and Intangible assets have grown? Here he suggest charging 33,000 premium and the initial price would be 1.33 lac per share. Then he tells that after IPO his share will be listed in Stock Market

Then he came to the basic differentiation between Share and IPO. From there he got to the details of what the Stock Market is ? Then he spoke on the differences between NIFTY and SENSEX after discussing various stock markets of India. After this he explained the concept of Market Capitalization and explained the process as to how exchanges aggregates stocks? From there he moved to discussing what are the top stocks and industries from where these stocks are made?

Session ended with Question and Answer session.

All participants will be issued with e-Certificates (approved by National Skill Development Council)

Students Feedback for the session has been from Excellent to Very Good

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