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Workshop on Tableau

Institute                                              –      Acropolis Faculty of Management and Research

Name of Event                                   –     Workshop on Tableau

Date of Event                                   –    17 – 18th , 24-25,28th October, 2nd and 9th November 2020

Objective of Event                             –      Develop basic understanding of Use of Tableau in

                                                                             Analytics and Visualization.

Details of Expert  with Designation –    Mr Ankit Duggal (Analytics Specialist – Nokia)


Coordinator (s)/Convener                –     Dr. Sandeep Singh (Coordinator)

Details of Participants                       –      Faculty and MBA  Students (Present and Ex Students)


Write up giving highlights

An interactive session  was organized on ‘Tableau for Professionals ’ for the MBA Faculty and students by Acropolis Faculty of Management and Research,  under the aegis of Skill Development. The resource person for the event was Mr.Ankit Duggal.

The 14 Hour  Workshop covered the following topics-

  • Data Munging through Tableau
  • Creating Tidy Data using Tableau
  • Visulaization using Tableau
  • Creation of Interactive Dashboard using Tabelau

The students were excited to know about this field and interacted with the resource person to satisfy their inquisitiveness. The expert talk eventually ended opening up new horizons for the students.


Prepared by: Dr. Sandeep Singh

Tableau Workshop

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