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Shri. Ashok Sojatia, Chief Advisor, Acro Care with his great vision to build resilience and strengthen mental health of the students, faculties and staff laid the foundation stone of Acro Care. Acropolis is Central India’s first institute to provide easily accessible, in-campus and no cost mental health services to all the students, faculties and staff members. 

Acro Care has been constituted to provide psychological assistance to 5000+ students, 300+ faculty and 400+ staff members of the group of institutions. Acro Care comprises a team of experienced psychologists with different areas of specialization, committed towards holistic mental well-being. The mental health professionals at Acro Care endeavor to develop a supportive atmosphere at all levels. To accomplish the same, the team trains faculty members through seminars and workshops at regular intervals, who have direct interaction with the students.

Acro Care is a safe and confidential space for students and faculty members to freely share their concerns. The team conducts one-on-one counseling sessions, group therapy sessions, workshops, mental health awareness sessions and related activities in all the departments of various institutions. Psychological assessments are administered on each student and mental health reports are kept confidential.

Acro Care’s helpline number and email-id are accessible to all students and faculty members for scheduling counseling sessions with a response time of less than 24 hours. Acro Care also provides a welcoming environment for parents to discuss their ward’s concerns. Family therapy sessions are also offered at Acro Care. 


Acro Care was constituted to provide culturally competent, holistic and wellness focused services that promote individual empowerment, enhance mental health awareness, prevent development of mental health challenges and address socio-emotional problems. 

We envision to embark on a path with the community to promote universal and equitable access to the highest quality care for all people.


  • Promote community understanding of mental health to enhance tolerance, acceptance and support of people facing emotional and mental turbulence.
  • Facilitate the transformation process of personal challenges into life-enhancing opportunities through personalized counseling and guidance.
  • Collaborate with other physical and mental healthcare professionals to provide the highest quality, compassionate health care to the community through a comprehensive array of services anchored in exceptional service.


  • To provide a safe space to students, faculty and staff members to discuss freely about their emotional or behavioral concerns.
  • To assess a student's adjustment level in the institute on several variables, work on the identified challenges and thereby, enhance student participation in various activities and academic performance.
  • To administer, score and interpret psychological assessments for the students and faculty members.
  • To conduct mental health awareness activities and workshops.
  • To counsel and guide students to explore their personality and excel in their career. 
  • To encourage students and parents to seek counseling on their own.
  • To create and maintain a database of psychometric tests and counseling with confidentiality.
  • To connect with faculty members and parents wherever required with the student’s consent.
  1. Awareness Sessions – Acro Care organized mental health awareness sessions in all the institutes of Acropolis as an effort to reduce the stigma around mental illness and mental health conditions. 
  2. Bus Staff Awareness Session – Session on self-management was organised by Acro Care with bus drivers and conductors where Dr. Shraddha Tiwari, CEO Acro Care elucidated the techniques of self-management, psychological impact of illicit behavior of transport workers, characteristics of a sound driver, dos and don’ts while on duty and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by changing food habits.
  3. Special Session for Faculties – Acro Care organised a self reflective session for Acro Care with the motive to spread awareness for good mental health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Faculties also learned to regulate emotions in personal and professional lives. The session focussed on personal growth, self-care, and self- reflective activities were performed by the faculty members. To boost their professional growth, the role of emotional intelligence and its major components were discussed.
  4. Special Sessions (Toycathon) – A special session on “Child Psychology Behind Toys” was conducted by Acro Care for the students of idea lab at “Toycathon” to enhance their understanding of toy selection in children and role play of colors at different stages of development.
  5. Induction Sessions – Acro Care welcomes all the new students of all the programs by conducting interactive mental health awareness sessions followed by psychometric assessment to ensure better academic performance and overall development of the students.

Dr. Shraddha Tiwari: Chief  Executive Officer

MBA, M.A. (Psychology), PhD

Positive Psychology Coach and Life Coach

Mr. Aditya Awasthi: Consultant

RECBT and NLP Practitioner 

Ms. Aakanksha Saxena : Counselor

M.Sc. Neuropsychology 


Ms. Shami Kundalia: Counselor

M.A. Counseling Psychology

Counseling Psychologist and Career Counselor