Department of MBA

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Master of Business Administration (Full time)

Duration : 2 years. (4 Semesters)

Specializations Offered : Marketing, Finance, HR Operations, Systems & Business Analytics

Intake of Students: Acropolis Faculty of Management & Research: 300 Seats

The MBA program at Acropolis Faculty of Management and Research (AFMR) is designed to provide a comprehensive and practical education in business administration and is affiliated with Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore. With a focus on academic excellence, industry exposure, and holistic development, AFMR offers a program that prepares students to excel in the dynamic world of business.

MBA program at AFMR:
Industry-Relevant Curriculum: The curriculum is carefully crafted to align with the latest trends and practices in the business world. It covers essential subjects such as finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and entrepreneurship, providing students with a well-rounded understanding of various business functions.

Experienced Faculty: AFMR boasts a team of experienced faculty members who bring a rich blend of academic expertise and industry experience to the classroom. They guide and mentor students, ensuring they receive quality education and stay updated with the latest developments in the business field.

Practical Learning Opportunities: The MBA program at AFMR emphasizes practical learning through case studies, group projects, simulations, and industry internships. These opportunities allow students to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world business scenarios, developing problem-solving skills and gaining valuable industry insights.

Guest Lectures and Workshops: AFMR regularly organizes guest lectures and workshops featuring industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, and renowned academicians. These sessions provide students with the chance to learn from industry stalwarts, gain insights into current business practices, and broaden their professional network.

Entrepreneurship Development: AFMR fosters an entrepreneurial mindset among its students by providing support and guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs. The program encourages innovation, creativity, and critical thinking, empowering students to launch their own ventures and become future business leaders.

Career Support and Placement Assistance: AFMR offers dedicated career support services to help students in their job search and placement process. The institution has established strong ties with reputed companies, enabling students to explore diverse career opportunities and secure placements in leading organizations.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: AFMR provides a conducive learning environment with modern infrastructure, including well-equipped classrooms, a resource-rich library, computer labs, and other facilities necessary for a comfortable and enriching educational experience.

Industry Collaborations: AFMR actively collaborates with industry partners to enhance students' exposure to the corporate world. These collaborations facilitate internships, industry visits, guest lectures, and live projects, giving students practical insights and networking opportunities.

Holistic Development: Apart from academic excellence, AFMR emphasizes the holistic development of students. Various extracurricular activities, sports events, clubs, and cultural programs are organized to foster teamwork, leadership skills, and overall personality development.

Alumni Network: AFMR takes pride in its strong alumni network, comprising successful professionals across various industries. The alumni association facilitates knowledge sharing, networking, and mentorship opportunities for current students.